On My Way To Hell In A Handbasket, I Was Hugged By A Saint — 23 Comments

  1. i think the world could use another AMMA. why don’t travel around and give hugs/good vibes for donations. i’ll be first in line in philly!
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    • That’s not a bad idea! I’ve been looking for a theme for my tour. I have a few ideas, but need a humanitarian element. I think this just might work.

      Anyone out there willing to donate an RV to the cause?

  2. Thats the hardest part. Making the choice. As long as its never made the possibilities are like an ocean of wonder. A dreamy state were anything can happen. But when you choose, they vanish in a wisp of smoke. Thats why its so important to never let anyone guide you to a choice or pick for you. Every choice must be your own.

    • I’ve come to realize the part that concerns me the most is that Checkers have a safe, comfortable, happy place to live out the rest of her days. I’m more flexible and can tolerate a bit more, but she’s pretty sick and has some bad days. She can’t go outside anymore, and can’t hold her own in a cat fight.

    • Thanks NWM! I’ll be ok, and who knows… this blog might just get a little more interesting. Of course, I’ll be too busy to write if I’m moving.

    • If I have regular access to internet, I will. I’ll also try to be more vocal on my Facebook page and let people know what’s up.

    • She’s actually pretty good after a little while in the car. She gets bored of yowling and tries to hide under the gas pedal (no lie). Eventually, we come to a mutual understanding: I drive and sing, and she doesn’t do either.

    • I’ve been thinking about why I want to do this (besides the lack of funds)… Mid-life crisis? Need to escape? It doesn’t feel like either of those. I feel like I have a lot of stuff, and that stuff has a tendency to anchor me. I’ve always had a fair amount of freedom when it comes to my time and general lifestyle (no kids, mostly single), but have always felt anchored. I’m finally considering myself lucky NOT to own a home, a possession I’d wanted for years. My motivation really is to see more of the world, to expand my horizons, meet new and different people. Living in California, I’m blessed with an abundance of food choices and wonderful weather. It’s pretty close to paradise all the time.

      Not that I want to give that up, but it’s easy to become so used to it as to take it for granted. I want to develop a deeper appreciation for what I do have. I want to see the world and come back with a fresh viewpoint. (ok, this should be a post rather than a comment 🙂 )

  3. Well, I haven’t been around much but I’m sitting here wishing you wanted to live fifteen miles past Resume Speed, Texas. Neither my wife or I can do much housework anymore and we’d probably be willing to trade our third bedroom for someone who could spend a couple of hours a day just doing housework.

    I mention this because if we have that problem here in Texas, surely there are folks in your neck of the woods with the same problem.

    Anyhow, I’ll put you in my prayers. I know He hears my prayers because the creaking, grunting and cracking as I assume the prayer position just has to get His attention.

    • Ok, I had to Google “Resume Speed, Texas” to see that was a real name. Got to love it! Is it immediately after a speed trap, or on the down side of a hill?

      Thanks for the job offer – if I lived near there, I’d take you up on it! I’ve been looking for something similar here, too. So are a lot of folks. Thought I had something this weekend, but looks like it may not go as hoped.

      Thank you for the prayers! 🙂 Add “delivery of a nice, free motorhome” to that prayer. 😉

  4. What an inspiration! I know you are in the middle of a transition but it is still so wonderful to hear your optimism and willingness to grasp whatever comes your way…very beautiful. You will find the perfect path and then letting go of things holding you still will feel like freedom rather than fear. Gosh, you have me wanting to pack up and hug the world…thanks!
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    • Thank you Jeane! 🙂 If I’m honest, my optimism and willingness go through phases. As of this moment I’ve not taken the leap of faith and given notice on my apartment. I really want to just pack up and become a gypsy, come what may. But my faith is waning. I had one potential option for a residence, but as it’s not panning out I can’t bring myself to put my cat in a place of potential homelessness. Silly as it may seem, I’m ok with whatever happens to me, but I realized I’m more concerned about her comfort and safety. She’s 17, and with serious health issues. But that you for the comment – it’s bringing back to that place of faith. 🙂

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