My Brain Thinks Money Is A Drug and My New Boyfriend — 20 Comments

    • Oh, yes! I love getting massages. I’d probably hire my favorite masseuse away from the spa, and keep her locked in my garage.

  1. Awww….travel, travel, travel. Everywhere and nowhere. And I would pay the Killers to sing to me over the grocery store intercom. I think you got me high!
    Oh…by the way, thanks for all the meditation info in your area. My daughter lives down there and I am road tripping that way. Though our time is filled with lots of bike riding I am hoping we can get some time in to practice meditation…still hoping that practice makes perfect…or at least almost doable! Thanks.

    • Travel! You’re most welcome for the meditation info! I can’t remember – did I mention It’s a free site where you can find all kinds of fun events in whatever area. Check for “meditation” meetups in whatever town you’re traveling to. If you’re coming to the southern Bay Area, email me! I go to some on Monday eves, Wednesday afternoons, and Thursday eves, and would love to meet you at one!

  2. First of all, thanks for the Pub! I’m glad I could provide the inspiration for some serious day-dreaming.

    Secondly, if you ever actually do your Roll-About, lottery winner or not, you better swing your big Winnebago through Baltimore and let me buy you a crabcake!

    • You’re welcome 🙂 and You’re on! Getting closer to The Great Roll-About, and I would be delighted to take you up on that crabcake!

  3. wooot! i want you to win this motherfucker. i want to see your rich botoxed ass something fierce. then we’ll exhange big open mouth slurpy kisses so i can get this money cure through a bodily fluid exhange with you.

    ps – very smart trustee idea.

  4. Don’t forget to include the Waylon Jennings Museum AND Liquor Store in your travels.

  5. You’re going all “Lost in America” on us. I love it.

    And I hope you’re stopping at every Greasy Diner along the way.

    If I won I would never teach another piano or drum lesson again!

    • Yes, and I probably will be “lost” all. the. time. I have no sense of direction unless there’s an ocean on one side of me. Without an ocean in sight, I can’t find my way out of a paper bag.

      Sorry, no greasy diners for me… my stomach just can’t handle that stuff anymore. Years of eating anything for breakfast (think chips and salsa) has taken it’s toll.

      LOL No more piano or drum lessons? Too funny!

  6. Hey! I’m a pretty good driver (and shot, important for a rich girl and my wife is a good cook. Between us we’d also make a pretty fair gatekeeper. And our pensions mean we’d be able to work cheap foe chance to travel. Now the downside is it’s been a few decades since I’ve been hot, ‘cept when I go outside in the summer but that doesn’t matter. My Linda Lou has a .38.

    Hope you won’t mid the odd side trip to see western (read cowboy, cavalry and Indian spots to go with your cheezy America tour, but then a lot of the historical spots have their cheezy side. Tombstone is almost a western stuff strip mall anymore. And when we roll through NASCAR country you’ll be able to see some of the cutest grandkids anywhere!

    So, keep us in mind when you become a gazillionaire!

    • Excellent! Sounds like I’ve got a driver AND a cook! And she carries – nice! This is a plus!

      I love cowboys and would be happy to visit some! Especially if they come with cheezy historical locales. (I even have a cheezy cowgirl hat 😉 ) And who could pass us the world’s cutest grandkids?!

      Your application has just moved to the top of the pile!

  7. First time visitor here.

    What I would do if I won would depend on how much I won. I do like how you were smart and planned ahead before claiming the prize though. That is good practice no matter the amount.

    • Welcome Ed! Thanks for stopping by!

      I’ve decided to “buy the wedding dress before finding a man to marry”… In other words, I’m buying my motorhome now and hoping for the best. Life is to be lived! 🙂