I Want Me Some Navy SEAL — 19 Comments

  1. So great! Thinking about our military and what they have done for us is the most humane gift at this time. Yea…to you for working with our veterans. I admire you. My daughter is in the Coast Guard and I hope never to see war first hand but do fear that she will cross at one point or another the horror humans inflict upon one another…I hope she has someone to talk to if so.
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    • Thank you, but the admiration should go to your daughter for her service, and you and her family for what you go though in their absence. I hope she never sees the dark side, too.

  2. Having been a “contractor” during the fall, I can say first hand, those guys nutted up, and shut up and did the work. Knowing it was that high of profile I would have said no, but thats me.

    Everyone of them needs full honors and every entitlement. Tons of people do things that mess them up but if they have a number they need taken care of. For Life. Family…everything. Someone like me or my Dad who wanted to hunt would have collected it. Those brave folks will get nothing.

    What kind of values does this country even come close to having?

    • Thanks Mike. I knew contractors made a lot, but I never thought about it in comparison to our service men and women. I agree they deserve all the monetary compensation and benefits as contractors, in addition to their regular benefits, which are few by comparison.

  3. I have wanted me some Navy SEAL since I saw the movie with Charlie Sheen and Michael Biehn (either of which I will also accept on any and all gift-giving occasions). — you just don’t get any better than hot, buff, hard-as-fucking-nails AND able to kill you with a pen!
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    • I’m in lust with Michael Biehn. Got to love them hot, protective types! The Stephanie Plum series has been my undoing… now all I want is someone like “Ranger”.

  4. if you live in California they are always running on the beach with rucks on there back or at a shooting range my dad was a SEAL that were he would always be

    • I live in the Bay Area, and not the part near the coast, at the moment. Bummer.

      I noticed your email addy… are you at EAFB? You know, I like airmen, too 😉

      We need a t-shirt for you guys… got any suggestions? “Hug an Airman” “Hug a Fighter Pilot” “EAFB Airmen Don’t Shoot Blanks” “Airmen Know How To Roll” ??? Feel free to make a request and I’ll make the shirts!

  5. So, for a bit of irony, I am fairly certain the model you want to hug sent me a not so clothed picture via text recently. Unsolicited, but not unappreciated. 😉

    And yes, he is one of our nation’s finest. When are you coming to work with me?
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    • Nice! Still got the photo? Send it to me! 🙂

      Probably coming soon! I’m just trying to get used to the idea of cold weather. 🙂

  6. Of all the Osama bin laden posts I’ve read, this was the only fun one! I’m glad you were turned on by the thought of a group of uniformed muscle men with large weapons! I can just imagine the dreams this operation has inspired.
    Good job making lemonade from political lemons.