Bug Killer Rating reaches all-time low — 6 Comments

    • Ever since I came to Texas, I’ve felt like I’m living with dinosaurs… Texas is still in the Jurassic era when it comes to insects.

  1. I need you out here in Golden Valley AZ, I’ve been chasing kangaroo rats. Glenn is 3-0 catching them, I’m 1-0. I understand the ick factor, had that the other morning when I had to get mine. these things have the long back legs just like a kangaroo, a fur less tail beyond a little tuft of hair near the end of it. I saw him calmly hopping across the kitchen floor (mind you I had not had my coffee yet) he disappeared on me while I was looking for something to catch him with. Found him hiding behind the tote we have squeek’s food bowl on, I had to take a bowl and a lid, trap him in it, then grab him by the tail and toss his butt out of the house. Felt kinda sorry for him after he got tossed across the drive, he no sooner landed and a bird was after him, then he made a run for it and got up under the truck and Squeek got after him, last I saw of him was a 3 way stand off between the rat/squeek/and the bird. Squeek is responsible for at least 3 of the 4 appearances, she likes bringing presents.

    • Oh no! Three or more is an invasion! I’d feel kind of sorry the little guy, too. Anything furry. I’m glad the mouse I had left of his own accord, I couldn’t have killed it.
      Kangaroo rats are kinda cute – as long as they’re outside. I know Pye would be useless, even more so then I… She be afraid of them whereas I’d probably try to tame one. Then I’d remember they carry Hantavirus.