14 Signs You’re Over 40 — 8 Comments

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  2. Some of this is wrong. When I was a kid, we didn’t have a tape deck in the car. We had a radio. An AM radio. That meant you could only listen to whatever station was in range and when you went into a tunnel, you lost the signal.

    Also, no Atari. The first video game I saw was Pong, and that only in arcades. We did have pinball. Which was in full color and three D!

  3. Cowboy – Feel free to add more! I’ve thought of a couple myself.

    Jelsemium – We didn’t have a tape deck in the car until I was in my teens. But we did have an 8-Track! OMG I had forgotten about that! And we had the big tapes to go in it. Yay for pinball! I vaguely remember Atari, and I think you’re right… pong was first. We did have a computer, too… it was a Radio Shack Commodore 64 (I think)… There was only DOS and no Windows. Not sure, but I think Bill Gates was still a kid, too. LOL

    • LOL So true – no helmets! Ahhh, the DVR! That was my latest addiction. I JUST gave it up about two weeks ago. I’m doing ok, though. *twitch twitch*

  4. I joined one of those clubs and got like 20 8-tracks for a penny or some rediculous thing. You had to cancel after you got them or they sent you more at a high price.

  5. Loved this: “If you wanted to steal music, you had to hitchhike to the record store and shoplift it yourself!”

    Do you remember us hitchhiking together? I remember it — very vaguely.

    I remember when cable TV was brand new. I remember when you could still smoke in movie theaters and anywhere else. I remember when nobody dreamed of wearing bike helmets or seatbelts or any other kind of protective gear. I remember when condoms were only for preventing pregnancy. I remember when pay phones only cost a dime. I remember pay phones!