Dating Advice From The Unqualified — 8 Comments

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  2. Totally agree on the coffee date. It’s the kiss of death. And only partially because coffee breath smells like death. You couldn’t pay me to let a coffee soaked tongue near mine. Well, maybe you could. Make me an offer.
    .-= Elly Lou´s last blog ..This Week’s Tweets =-.

  3. I love danger dates. Putting out is not about the “calender” when, it’s more about the “emotional” when. As an adult, you should know when you are ready, if there is really an adult man out there still using this assanine rule, he isn’t date worthy anyway and should be passed over anyway.

    Also, $5 to Elly for a coffe breath kiss….is that under bidding, ya think?
    .-= Wicked Shawn´s last blog ..When I Finally Get Excited About Class =-.

  4. I’m convinced that the reason Jake went for that snot Vienna is because they went on the bungee jumping date. (Surely you know what I’m talking about — The Bachelor!) A massive dose of brain chemicals bonded them.

  5. Elly Lou – Ditto. But as long as Wicked has started the bidding, I bid $10! 😉

    Wicked – So true! Why can’t men think like that? All too often I seem to attract the ones who think primarily below the waist. *sigh*

    Patty – This is going in my next set of dating tips! No texting or calls during dates. Oooh, yes the sexting is good.

    Penny – Bungee jumping was one of the events they profiled in the study! I looked all over the internet for it, but can;t remember the title or station. The other was a meeting at the center of a high bridge.

    • Todd – Thanks, I try to include useful info with my snark. 😉 I’ve actually dated a fair amount – just not too good at choosing them. Through all those less-than-stellar experiences I guess I learned quite a bit.