Panic Much? FEAR = F*ck Everything And Run — 22 Comments

  1. for me all of the worry and anxiety usually ends up being my punishment. yep, that’s me a self-punishing fool.

    also, so many friends disappoint. i love my bloggy friends though. to date, i’ve had no disappointment in my cyberworld. how weird is that: real life friends= sucky sometimes.

  2. Cowboy – You jest, but be careful… I’m just liable to take you up on that offer!

    Todd – Glad to know you can relate!

    Patty – I never thought of it as self-punishment, but you’re right. Perhaps I’m a bit masochistic. 😉 Ah, yes. My cat and my bloggy friends are tops!

  3. Reasoning with lizards!! I love that metaphor! Feels like I spend half my like doing it. As for being disappointed by what you thought were friends, I keep thinking there will come a stage in life when I will get better at choosing who I befriend. I haven’t hit that stage yet.
    .-= Wicked Shawn´s last blog ..When I Finally Get Excited About Class =-.

  4. the universe is funny like that. I once asked to be free of all negativity in my life and shortly thereafter I got the world’s worst cold, and got fired, (falsely accused!), at the dive bar I was working at.

  5. It’s key to surround yourself with positive people. I call the negative people “Eeyores” from the Winnie-the-Pooh books. Who needs that shit?

    I think we all would like to be able to feel mobile in some way. There are so many adventures out there. For me, I just try to create whatever adventures I can in my little town I live in. And that can be damn interesting too.

    Have a great long weekend! I enjoyed reading this!

  6. Wicked – I haven’t hit that stage either. So there is no end? *sigh* Loved your vlog, btw!

    Britt – I was just listening to a radio program where the woman, now very happy and successful, did the same thing. She asked the Universe to make her as clean and clear as glass. BAMM! Suddenly the shit hit the fan in all areas of her life! Today I asked myself if I really want to go through that just to get to the other side. Haven’t answered myself yet. 🙂

    John – ??

    OOTG: Ooh, I love that term… there sure are Eeyores in my life! Boy, they sure can drain you. I also call them Energy Vampires, a term I learned listening to Judith Orloff.

  7. This paragraph is where my question comes from:

    Speaking of Friends…

    On a totally slightly, but not really, related note this past week has been an interesting one: I got to find out who my real friends are. I was shocked, and saddened, as this became evident several times over with different groups and entirely different circumstances each time. I’m still perplexed by the behaviors.

  8. This sounds so much like me.. I panic over anything and everything.. I’ve never been able to stop it, but I have schooled my self to ask some very select people (meaning family, usually, because most of my friends do not comprehend my level of insanity) if my panic is reasonable, and then I’m usually able to convince myself they’re right..

    • Jenn – I always wonder where I got it, and suspect in might be hereditary. I simultaneously admire and am perplexed by the perpetually calm.

    • Annah – LOL That’s a great idea! My boss has one of the “Easy” buttons you see in the Staples commercials. I would like one that says “Escape”.

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  10. This happened to me early this year. I lost the one I thought she was BEST friend of best friends. We’ve been FRIENDS for 15 years and she slowly ‘opened’ her mask and let me see her original face. I’ve been scammed!!

  11. Brilliant. Love the definitions of what FEAR stands for–too true. I’m working on managing my emotions now so I can remove the panic from the desk in my office forever… I know, good luck with that, right? 🙂

    • I finally did it and am now on the road in my RV. Loving every minute of it. It’s more fun than I could have ever imagined!

  12. This sounds someone like me on a lot of levels. I have been a really hard to control panicker for a long long time… I think this problem started during school, I was kinda feeble and was constantly scared of getting beaten up in the playground and well, it happened a lot. Bullies do screw you up. Now when I’m 38, and those days are long gone and I’m a pretty athletically built, I still have these nerves, which start acting up, whenever there’s a possibility of a physical confrontation… and believe you me, I’m almost imagining a disaster when it’s not that bad and can be handled. For sometime I thought I’m mentally ill may be… and I needed therapy, and tried it.. what came out was that this is learnt behaviour and I need to work on my nerves, butit’s defnitely not a mental disease…. great article, quite insightful, thanks!

  13. Panicking is hard wired into people’s genes to protect them from danger and it’s been like this from the caveman days.. nnow we may not have to panick in daily world.. but the reaction remain in our nature…