While enjoying the rain I learned I live in a sieve. — 12 Comments

  1. Oh way to leave us hangin (insert your own dirty thought here). What was the cause and what was done to fix it. So you used lube for several in and outs…wink wink.

    • 😉 I can’t believe I forgot to post what he did! Thank you for reminding me (it’s been a looong day). I updated the post.

      He said he jacked it up, I think with a forklift. Then he removed the Visqueen and the strip and put it back down. It went so fast I wasn’t there to see any of it or get a photo. The cause is unknown. Could have just caught on something one day and then started tearing.

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  3. Always nice to see a good lookin’ woman who is handy with tools… although I woulda figured a modern gal like you would be into power tools.

    Yes, Camping World is reputable and some of their techs are pretty handy. Central Texas is my stomping ground. Which CW is closest to you? New Braunfels?
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    • I do like the power tools, and the earth movers. *arr-arr-arrh* (<-- said in the voice of Tim "the Toolman" Taylor) I didn't realize you were that close to me. Yup, the NB Camping World is my new friend.

    • Some friends of mine did a comedy skit one year at a community center event. It was all about using “caulk”, how it comes in colors, etc. One of the funniest skits I’ve seen.