Loopiness in Luling, Texas — 5 Comments

  1. First I NEVER heard Luling called “loopy” and I’ve lived in the county always.
    Second the airplane is NOT in Luling. It’s in Fentress which is a wonderful little town with a wonderful history.
    Third…what about the pumpjacks? Most people LOVE our pumpjacks. They’ve been on tv and are famous.

    • First, I’ve been told on many occasions there is a running rivalry with a neighboring town, and those residents are ALWAYS referring to people from Luling as being very odd.

      Second, if you read it again, you will notice I mentioned in the post that the airplane was ‘not quite in Luling…’.

      Third, the pumpjacks were not on my route that day. However, I have since seen them, but they seem to have lost their paint jobs making them barely recognizable as the characters they were once painted to be. Perhaps if you look at them again, with a fresh eye, you will see they are not what they once must have been and wouldn’t translate well to a photograph on the web. Considering most towns have them, I found these to be among the least interesting things in Luling.