I’m feeling slightly less jaded than last week. Yeah, there’s that. — 3 Comments

  1. My dear good looking blond, from the very few self-portraits you have shared allow me to shyly admit that I too find you attractive… and I am a Texas male. Any hetero-male who didn’t would be perhaps a candidate for space cadet training… or at the very least a stay in the detox.

    In defense of my gender allow me to point at the obvious; a person’s appearance is most often the first thing noticed in a non-blind encounter.

    Please allow me to mea culpa for this defective sub specie of humanity known as the Texas man. But please understand that in spite of your bad experiences, we’re not all the same.

    I doubt that I am the only one to enjoy both your wit *and* your striking appearance… m’lady.
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  2. Rare as an honest politician is a man who is not intimidated by an intelligent woman. Then there are the more simple-minded who believe that if they treat you like a sex object, maybe you’ll act like one. It is more blatant in the south where so much of the lifestyle (farming, hay bailing, cattle raising, etc.) is more conducive to brawn than brains. 🙁