The Time I Learned Golf Carts Don’t Float — 5 Comments

  1. That is too funny!

    My brother and I used to “golf” with my grandmother. (More like swear and throw our clubs all over the course, but for now we can call it golf)

    One day she let me drive the cart and I almost drove into a sand trap. It sounds like nothing, but this trap was one of those that had a serious slope. So sloped that I couldn’t even see it as I drove up. It wouldn’t have been funny if we had gone in because we would have flipped over and…well, you get the picture…… (I’m sure it would have been national news if I had actually done it)

    I’ve heard of “Dine and Dash” and “Ring and Run” but “Crash golf cart into pond and Flee” that’s a new one! Funny!!

    • Thanks OotG! I like that one ‘Crash golf cart into pond and Flee’! We could also call it a Crash and Dash! It’s still a favorite story at family events. Sounds like you and your brother are lucky… Those golf carts can be dangerous – but they’re so much fun! I still love driving them whenever I get a chance. I’ll probably be a happy senior citizen cruising in my cart! (Just checked out your blog – funny stuff!)

  2. Actually it wasn’r entirely your fault – you both jumped out just before it went onto the bridge. But the (electric) throttle was stuck and it kept going! At right about the middle (no rail) it went over sideways and, after about a 3 foot fall, landed on its side in about 18 inches of flowing water. This didn’t do the batteries much good but we, with some help, tipped it upright and fished in back out of the creek. I remember being suprised at 2 things; you and your sisters fast reaction time and how heavy the cart was.

    • Oh, that’s so funny! Well NO WONDER it didn’t float! 18 inches of water isn’t nearly enough 🙂 That makes sense about the throttle. I didn’t remember we fished it out.

  3. You wouldn’t believe how long ive been looking for something like this. Sifted through 12 pages of Google results couldn’t find diddly squat. 3rd page of Bing. There you are!… Really gotta start using that more often, nice work