Penny and The Attack of The Killer Bees — 24 Comments

  1. Not conservative, just square. I didn’t realize I was on the verge of death when we arrived at the hospital, but I definitely remember being swollen up like the Michelin Man, and the shot of adrenalin they gave me, and shaking so hard that I could only sign myself out with an “X.” (After my parents had arrived to take me home.)

    I remember that they were yellow jackets, too. Not your average honey bee.

    • You were almost passed out when we got you there. The doctor told us if we’d gotten you there two minutes later, you would have been in a coma or dead. That’s when I realized this was serious. I remembered they were yellow jackets or wasps, but bees sounded better in the title. 😀

    • Uhhh…. Hi Dad! Funny the things you learn when your kid starts blogging about her childhood. Heh. Just a normal day around Capitola! Did we ever show you the monestary? You would LOVE it!

    • When we moved over the hill a year or two later, I had plenty of “normal” days in Campbell, LG and Saratoga. Hmmm… I’d bet we knew some of the same people.

  2. Followed your link from the Bloggess and glad I did! How about a link to Penny’s

  3. Yes – the bus! Wow – I had the munchies by the time we arrived at the hospital – it was one of those smaller busses…how crazy is that? I remember my mom and dad coming in to the waiting room. Yeesh!

    • Hey (insert secret name here)!
      Thanks for coming to see my blog! I’ve written a couple stories about our (more mild) adventures. I noticed you didn’t use a pseudonym… I can use your real name if you’d prefer. 🙂 When “Penny” found my blog and requested a pseudonym, I changed yours, too.

      I wonder what the bus driver was thinking about us! I don’t remember how I got home, but I don’t think I stayed until her parents came. Did I take the bus back or did your parents give me a ride? Apparently, I didn’t get one from my dad as he never knew about this until he read my blog.

  4. It’s amazing when you look back on your life and wonder how on earth you’ve survived certain ‘adventures’. That must have been terrifying. Being in water and having little kamikaze bees diving through to get at her?!?!
    Glad to hear the bus driver got you to the hospital ok, though its a real reflection of what those people must see on a daily basis that this didn’t grant so much as a glance in the hive-covered child’s direction.
    Cool blog.
    .-= wanderingmenace´s last blog ..woes of a clumsy ballerina =-.

    • Thanks. 🙂 We’re starting to piece together out interesting childhood. I am not only amazed at the things we did (and I forgot!), but that we survived.

  5. Just found you and feel like I won the blog lottery (blottery?). Love. It’s going to be a long night of archive diving!

    ps – Saw your dad commented so I censored my name. THAT’S what a good blogfriend I am.

    • Thanks for the blog love 🙂 and keeping it clean for my dad… although I learned that word from him so he’s probably reading your blog already. Love your blog, too!

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    • Survival – by luck only. Make your kids read this and tell them not to do stupid stuff like this or they, too, might be attacked by bees.

    • Well, I was the lucky one who didn’t get attacked. It was Penny who suffered. Good thing you don’t take your kids to explore abandoned mansions.

  7. That is very brave of you going straight into the heart of a bee hive. Taking Penny to the hospital on the bus? Now I was not expecting that 🙂

    • Ah, but I did not go into the beehive. I may have lemmcidal tendencies, but running towards swarms of bees isn’t one of them.

  8. Great story! Kids are nuts!! I’m not so sure any kids would’ve done differently…after all, Penny got stung while you were doing things you shouldn’t; what teen would want to involve parents or an ambulance in something like that??