My Zombie Ate Your Honor Student – UPDATED — 10 Comments

    • Thank you! 🙂 Now if only Summit Entertainment and Zazzle would learn the definition of a parody, and realize it’s not against the law to spoof Twilight, maybe I could sell a couple.

  1. What is this zombie fetish infesting the blogosphere? Twilight is as dumb as a box of Palins, but at least they’re not fetid rotting corpse undead. (They’re pretty, oversexed and melodramatic undead)

    Is The Blogess patient zero in this epidemic, with her oft mentioned Zombie Apocalypse?

    All that being said, I kinda like the zombie cat.

    • LMAO ‘Dumb as a box of Palins’ AAHAHAAA

      Several books have been written about the Zombie Apocalypse, starting back in 2004 (

      The Bloggess has decided to fight, but I have decided to assimilate. I’ve appointed myself Queen of The Zombies. We will farm humans for brains. Those who agree to join me, may pick those humans they wish spared from the brain farms. I’ve decided to spare Josh Holloway and George Clooney. Should you align your allegiance with me, you too may pick humans to spare. Of course, they will be zombied.