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  1. I am sorry your online experience has been less than stellar. Let me asure you though that it is not limited to just what you ladies experience. Us men deal with just as many dysfunctional women online as you ladies deal with men. Hence why I don’t do online (or any form of dating for that matter) dating.
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    • I’ve been asking the guys what it’s like on their end and am getting very similar stories, although they seem to get more porn/spam than I do.

      Some might even consider me one of those dysfunctional ladies 🙂 But I’m not. Really. I’m a tad crazy, energetic, spirited, and just sane enough to function well in society. My problem is too many self-help books! LOL

      Yeah, I’m about ready to give up dating altogether, too. But then there’s that whole “missing sex” thing. But this experience has made me think the indecisive one mentioned in A Pigeon Named Spot may not be so bad after all.

  2. I count myself very lucky in that I have been with my wife for the last 25 years and so have avoided the whole internet dating scene. I do envy you the whole blog-ability of it all though, we have friends who use the dating sites and it does sound that as long as you aren’t taking it seriously it can be quite funny.

    Top opening line from one guy to a friend of ours :-

    “You look as if you used to be beautiful….”

    I’m all for having a laugh but where do you take a date from there….

    For the record, Biker Boy sounds like a complete arse. If he expects you to do all the running about at this early part of the relationship, it sounds like he is looking for a door mat (which you don’t strike me as being. Ok that’s a snap judgement from reading a couple of your blogs, feel free to sue me if I’m wrong). Also the mood swings, wow…. sounds like he is trying to show a nice side but is so caught up in himself that he keeps forgetting the script and reverting to type…..Just as well you didn’t go out on the Harley, he probably would have charged for gas….
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    • You are most fortunate to have been married so long. I used to dream of having a 50 year anniversary. Probably not going to get the 25 at this rate.

      Ah yes, I’m not much of a doormat. I tried that, but decided I didn’t much care for the dirty feet. Biker Boy was a bit of a scary character – seems like he might have a deep-seated anger issue. His (now ex) wife cheated on him, and his last GF left him as soon as her divorce was final. Probably because he was a completly selfish arse.

  3. What kind of goombah even acknowledges that you have private parts before you’ve slept together? Good you dumped him.

    I went out with a very young guy on match. When I asked him if he’d even read my profile he said, “No! I just looked at the pictures!” I suspect he’s just too young to even have learned that you have to at least pretend to have read the profile.
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    • LOL Yes, they should at least pretend to have read the profile! hahaa I’m ready to raise my age limit on the low end from 40 to 47. I’m getting a lot of 30-somethings, and many who don’t read it at all. I put questions in at the end for them to answer if they decide to write. Very, very few do. One even wrote “How do I get your attention??” I told him, “If you read my profile, you’ll find the answer.” Haven’t heard from him since – he must be looking up the big words. 🙂

  4. Well like a good train vs train vs car vs semi accident…I think your starting to like all the…stuff… I know I feel a lot better about myself when I hear those stories lol. You know I got suckered into Match right after you when I saw a phoney ad that said speeddating and I thought it was a new feature. Then I find out it was a bogus ad. I like the whole speed date thing. You have 5 min to impress me. I paid so I can click keep going. You didnt so it better be good. I did meet the kindest sweetest women there. None I would consider for a partner but really damn fine individuals, and I wish them to find theirs. Oddly enough I did meet someone from match. She wrote me the first time saying she tried for a year and was quitting match on the 22nd. tomorrow. I feel blessed to know her and to meet before she left. But no, at the end of my month my acct there is deleted. Too many “sweater girls” and Biker Girls” for me. I get everything your saying.

    • There is something interesting about the train wreck. I just can’t do the speed dating – I’d rather get to know them via email and phone calls first. I weed out a lot within that phase. I’ve met some nice guys, just not a match for me. Best of luck in your searching!

  5. I learned a new word today: treacly

    When I come here Kerny I expect to be amused, not educated too! You’ve impressed me, and not for the first time.

    Now I have to apologize for a too-easy blonde joke I made on my own comment trail yesterday: Appy-poly-logies (do you speak Clockwork?)

    Unfairly, attractive women are still not expected to be smart. It’s always a treat when they are. Bravo!
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    • Thank you for the kind compliments! Appy-poly-logy accepted for the easy blond joke. 😉

      I aim to impart humor, as well as educate. Mostly so my readers don’t feel reading my blog was a total waste of time away from the work they’re avoiding. 🙂

  6. To be frank, there isn’t a single thing you said about biker boy that wouldn’t have been a brick wall deal breaker red flag for me. He’d have probably been gone at calling me more than once in a day (at that stage in dating), and definitely perma-blocked at complaining about my dating other people. Oooooooooogie!

    Don’t be afraid to take a week or so off if/when you start to feel a bit burnt. It’s good to freshen up and change your focus for a bit. It can get overwhelming really fast!
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    • I have been accused of being too harsh or quick to judge potential mates. Honestly, Biker Boy would have been out after his rude comment and mood swings (both before the excessive codependent emails and the calls).

      The number of emails has dropped dramatically. In part because I’m no longer the “fresh meat”, and also because I’ve put up a less appealing profile. I’m about ready to redo it again.

      Thank you for the link to my site 🙂 xoxo

  7. I thought I was kind of damaged goods and a little bit over the hill but these guys make me look like a prince!

  8. i know there are tons of people who have had success with the online dating but i have to say meeting and connecting with someone was alway more of an organic thing for me. translation: when you’re near someone and the pheromones start sparking. it seems too forced online and not a natural kind of attraction if you will. plus, there are creepy crawlers out there. but i’m sure there are good guys out there too, so i’m still rooting for you. (and rather enjoying your funny tales from your experiences.)
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    • I know exactly what you mean. Yesterday’s date, who seems to want to move things along faster than I, asked how I see the process. I told him I honestly the whole online thing is hard for me. The loves I’ve had I met through work or friends, and we got to know each other without the stigma of “where is this thing headed” hanging over us. We just worked or all hung out in a group, etc, and over time an interest beyond physical attraction formed. So few of the guys ask me anything about me. It’s like they don’t really care what’s beyond the package.

      Thanks for rooting for me! I’m trying not to get jaded by the experience. But if nothing else, it is great blog fodder!!

  9. Havn’t kept up on your blog or seen you around lately. Looks like you’ve been busy even not working. Took the time to catch up today and glad I did. Hope you find a position of employment you enjoy soon. That or catch a walking bank. I’m available to travel as you are but don’t for the same reason. $ Maybe we can both win the lottery, I’d go in on a ticket with you. :O) It’s been nice to catch up today on here and hope to see ya around.

    • Hey Darlin! Yes, I’m much busier now that I’m not working much. I LOVE IT! 🙂

      I’m playing the lottery like a mad woman. Well, anything I do is like a mad woman ’cause I have the crazies. 😉

      Maybe I’ll see you tonight at the usual spot.

  10. I think you need to go on many more dates. Build up a tolerance. Then you’ll probably meet someone in your neighborhood but you’ll be at your dating finest after having all these blog-fodder adventures. He’ll be Mr. Right.

    Xo susie

  11. Hey K,
    I think these are just practice rounds for when you meet mister right & prolly when you least expect it!

    • Hey Jeff GP! Long time no e-chat. 🙂 I hope you’re right, but I think I’ve had enough practice rounds. Time to win the lottery jackpot and move on to traveling.

    • Thanks Love! I think I’m going to submit it to Match as a recommended new slogan. Be grateful you are happily betrothed and don’t need to deal with dating. It makes one prefer singledom.

    • You are so lucky to be “off the market”. Dating is enough to make a woman feel like a piece of meat in the supermarket.

      Greek Guy, aka Shoe Fetish Guy, is rather attracted to MY shoes. Not a problem, but he seems to be pushing an agenda with bringing it up so often and so early. Kinda creeping me out.

  12. I’ll bet the right guy would fall into your lap if you were too busy to notice. That’s how I met Tessa. She was raising a little boy, working full-time, going bankrupt and getting divorced. Then I came along. Good thing she noticed me. Been here ten years.
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    • You’re so lucky to have found each other. You guys are super cute together.

      The funny thing is I’m almost too busy now to date. I had a little free time so I signed up on Match. Then I hardly have time to blog, or answer the emails I get, let alone schedule dates. I get is about three a week, each with a different guy. Maybe I’ll find Mr. Right while I’m on Match, but I’ll meet him through something else.

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  14. Great title! Keep up the search – your perfect mate is out there. I’m sure they’re just waiting for their parole to be approved!

    • You’re probably right! I never thought of looking in the prisons. *runs off to find out how to write to inmates*

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