Adventures In Online Dating Part One — 25 Comments

    • Total scam. And apparently, it’s no better on the men’s side of things. Maybe even worse.

      Yeah, I think it was about $35 for one month or about $60 for three. I’m already sorry I signed up for three.

  1. Sometimes I wonder what people are thinking. Emailing you from his cousin’s profile..or not sending you one, but a cut and paste one??? I mean who are these guys, and better still, what women actually respond to them?

    Happy V Day! Have fun.

    • I’m becoming highly suspect of the overall quality of the matches. Both Biker Boy, and Boat Boy feel the same about the women they’ve come across. Many porn type sites or foreigners looking for green cards.

      I hope you have a lovely, romantic day and evening!

  2. I think about 30% of the responses are fakes…or flakes lol. I like for that reason. Its kind of hard to fake a cam date and you have the option of letting the timer expire or if your a member you can click keep going even if they are not. I finished 3 cam dates. One flaked. One said tomorrow so I hope she got lucky 😉 and one want a phone call. (probably bad hair day?) I did meet sweeties double. AND she has a boob grabbing Pom like Pip only a girl pom. The whole big hair and painted egyptian eyes. Will toss a pic up on my wall pics. Happy V-Day and me and Pip will be snuggled on the sofa and renting a movie for the eve.

    • Glad to hear the cam date thing is going well for you! My friend’s Pom Peekaboo, the one who reminds me of Pip, died on his birthday last Friday. I’m so sad about it. I love the other puppies, but Peekaboo was the sweetest and never barked at me (the other 5 do).

      Continued good luck with the dates! Happy V-day to you!

    • We did. At first. Then yesterday and this morning (day after V-day) he got kinda of weird. It will all be in my next post. And yes, it continues to be an adventurous ride – I often call my life “Ms. Toad’s Wild Ride”. You just never know where it’s going to take you, or what’s going to happen.

    • I think Midget Man Rod lives in NH. I would totally date him! He is a couple inches below my height preference, but he’s super cute, funny and once owned a hot Harley. I love his profile text – it cracked me up!

      I think you’re right about Cupid! LOL

    • It turned out to be lovely. Spent some of it with a friend who had high hopes of spending it with his major crush, but she wasn’t in to it. We commiserated together.

  3. Ya know – when internet dating the following is generally a good rule of thumb; the truth is simple. Complicated is bullshit.
    Re: the third to last paragraph – I feel the same way about fakes breasts.

    • I’m already getting jaded on the process. *sigh* Why do so many lie? Or they’re super clingy and want an instant girlfriend.

    • I’m doing the same. I suspect some are from Sao Paulo, Brazil or Jamaica and just need me to send them $5,000 dollars so they can come propose to me in person.

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