Border Patrol = Reno 911 — 11 Comments

    • I might agree had they bothered to ask our names. Been back and forth through several border check points without a single problem before and since. Even got in and out of Mexico without so much as a “What are you transporting?”

    • Maybe they decided I was hot enough or sweet enough – I didn’t exactly talk nice to them once they decided to search the car.

  1. Wow, those are some inept cops.

    I could not find an email address on here, except for you assistant (?) – I’ve had to put my blog into hiding. If you email me at (hidden to protect the innocent), I’ll send an invitation.

    • Yes, they were. I also hear they are constantly recruiting for Border Patrol Agents. Good ones must be hard to come by.

      (Got your invite – thank you! 🙂

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