Gypsies, Tramps, and Thieves. Allegedly. — 21 Comments

  1. Fruits, Bobcats, and Smokey Bears…..Oh my! I can’t wait to hear the Border Patrol story.

    Sounds like an exciting new year you’re having. I do wonder if you were wearing the red heels when you went after the would be thief?!

    Adios Slab City,
    succa punch mb
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    • Yes, an exciting new year it is. And mostly wonderful, with the exception of the thieves and the Niland Border Patrol idiots.

  2. My dear Ms. Blond…. I have no doubt that what I am about to say is of no subtle mystery to you….

    Bralessness in no way acts as deterrent to criminal activity. It in fact often promotes such behavior.

    It is incumbent upon you to come up with a better theory.

    Oh, and photos would be in order.
    Mule Breath’s last post ..Sunday Funnies

    • Really? Darn. I thought that was a good strategy. I’m pretty sure he was at least momentarily confused. Kind of like a deer caught in headlights. (pun not intended… much)

  3. How cool that you have a friend along for part of the ride.

    And of course you went out without a bra – who wears a bra with pajamas? (I’ll leave aside the question of who wears pajamas?)

    • Yes, it has been fun having someone with whom to share the experiences.

      In my defense, the pajamas were long-johns, but really feminine ones. And it *did* snow.

  4. Attention Tehachapi Chamber of Commerce: here’s a new blurb for your brochures…

    “Come to Tehachapi; enjoy the sun, the breeze, and the gentle sound of unfettered boobs swaying in the moonlight.”
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  5. so glad you on the Way, maybe you could be both:) wish you could have visited over here at Salton City, but maybe next adventure. still always in my thoughts. Pray to hook up some day and fellowship, take care and spread the laughter as you do. Bless you, Richard.

    • Sorry I didn’t get to see you guys while I was back at Da Slabs. I’m glad to have met you, too. You were definitely a bright spot at Da Slabs. I hope our paths cross again! Love and hugs xo

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