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  1. I was a little confused reading your post. So did you say you’re never dating again?? 🙂

    • Well, my dating “luck” is rather non-existent. This past year has been extremely crappy for me when it comes to dating, but it is hardly the only bad year. (Some of my previous posts tell the horrors of my dating dilemmas.)

      I’m too naive and trusting to date and shouldn’t do it. Of course, I’ve said that before. Maybe someday I will actually learn to stick to my convictions. LOL

  2. As far as falling in love with another kitty goes, fear of eventual heartbreak is no reason to stop loving. It lessens all the time in between. If you find a worthy partner, take the plunge.
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    • Thank you for the pep talk! I will take the plunge with a new kitty, but not so sure about a partner. Being single is so much easier and much less painful. Kitties are loyal and never lie. If they bite you they have a reason. My problem is I trust potential mates like I trust kitties.

    • Thank you! 🙂 He was hilarious the next few hours around the shop, completely stunned.

      I hope you and Ben have a safe and happy holiday, too! Love you guys!

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  4. I have been following the stuck room drama and hope to help. The following is a website that has several manuals on it that may point you in the right direction. I was not sure which of those apply to you but I am sure you can narrow it down. I also dont know what your “handyperson” sskill level is but I hope this helps out in some way. Good luck and I would like to know the outcome.


    • Hi Greg, and welcome! Thanks much for the link! I’m looking through them now for one that will work. I have a 2005 29′ Winnebago Sightseer (Special Edition).

      So far, the nearest mechanic wouldn’t give me a quote and has fallen off the face of the earth (he was supposed to do something else, too). I’ve called the nearest Camping World with the hope of getting an appointment to bring it in this week. I’m just waiting for them to return my call, but I will likely have to bug them on Monday again. Thanks again for your help!

  5. Hello, in response to your slide out issue, pardon me if I state something you already know. But it sounds like the weight of the slide out is holding down whatever is causing the problem. Is there anyway you can jack or wedge up the slideout just a tad to take the pressure off the slide out guides and then try and poke around underneath the slideout with a stick or something to try and find what it is that is jamming it up? Be Careful, do not stick your hand/arm in there unless you really have it secured. Good luck!
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    • Hi Fred, and thanks for stopping by! We did try jacking it up a bit and using the awning rod to reach inside. No luck because, as you guessed, the weight of the slide held the plastic in place and, having never seen or done it before, I didn’t want to risk making a bad situation worse so opted not to further jack up the slide.

      However,… I have an update to the issue and will post it shortly. Had to take it to a real shop as the mobile mechanic fell off the face of the earth.

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