The tale of the Rattlesnake Tail and why I’m now a Texan — 12 Comments

  1. Uhhh… I don’t know who told you that Texans eat snake, but they were spinning a yarn. There ain’t enough meat on one of them critters to make it worth the effort. They sell the stuff in cans and part of the shtick at the round-ups is to peddle deep-fried, but only the touristas will speed their money.

    Oh, and you should have kept the head. A taxidermist could have encased it in amber and you would have had a dandy paperweight.
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    • I actually know quite a few folks, many of whom are Texans (see D.Jo G below), who’ve eaten rattlesnake and loved it. Maybe you’re missing, I think you should try it!

      Great paperweight idea!

  2. Yes, there you: The Trailer Park Sireeen. The kinda of Texasette that drives men wild to do deeds of daring do and with the heart (and the grits: a long kept family recipe and see-cret). and her grits. Once you eat grits regularly by the way, you’ll start to sprout facial hair so don’t be in all that bill a hurry to get furry. I’m proud of y’all. If you miss the next rattler, call my family’s chain of funeral parlors (Weed Corley), they can put you up (kind of like canning peach except you’re a whole lot tastier) for permanent storage. (Ooo – this is sounding morbid).

    Dear Mother Confessor……….

  3. Texans do in fact eat rattlesnake. Yours was just a little tyke. The bigger ones can be quite meaty,, but admittedly more SNA k than meal. They’re really very tasty and pretty mild. Just glad you didn’t get bitten.

    • It’s the policy of the park to kill all poisonous snakes for the protection of the visitors. And while it did ‘move away’ from me, it only went about two feet away to the tool shed.

      • Thanks for replying 🙂

        It’s interesting to me as I am currently in South Africa and their policy is the exact opposite – it seems to be illegal here to kill any indigenous animal without a permit.

        • I should say that it may be illegal in all states other than Texas… Here they kill many things without a second thought. In California you can’t pick a poppy (state flower) without getting a ticket. And all creatures seem to be protected. Texas is like a whole other country.