They say ‘y’all’ in these here parts. UPDATED. — 10 Comments

  1. Hi chicka! I feel like I know you now! And yep… we all say ma’am/sir, hold open doors, ALLOW men to open doors (didnt know it was needed until I got a damnyankee sister in law, bless her heart-hope she doesnt follow you as she still takes offense at this). we teach our kids young to respect others. Now, different parts of Texas has different accents. I grew up in West Texas (and your right, its not WESTERN Texas) and East Texas so I get poked fun at here in South Texas. i have also discovered our sense of humor is MUCH different than DamnYankees. LOTS more teasing. Keep up the discoveries, of Texas and interesting men. LOL

    • Howdy, Jana! I feel like I know you, too, especially since I found out you have FOUR cats. *bows with deep respect* Are you in South Texas? Is Hill Country considered south Texas? Geez, I should’ve met up with you while I was there!

      I love it when a man opens the door for me. I see it as a sign of respect.But I never know when I get to a door first if I should wait or if that looks lame. I feel like it might look lame so if I’m there first I just open it. I don’t know the proper protocol.

      It’s interesting to see how long they keep it up (the door opening thing). I’ve noticed while dating in California not all who start out doing it continue for more than a couple weeks of dating. Then they either give it up, or do it sporadically.

      Ah, the Damn Yankee sense of humor… that varies widely from east to west coast of the country. The folks on the east coast have a wickedly funny and sarcastic sense of humor. Having been born on the east coast to parents from New York, I’ve got it. But Californians in general don’t seem to care too much for it.

      • No, no no. Texas has very defined regions. You have West Texas, but that is subdivided into near west, far west southwest, the Big Bend, the Panhandle, the caprock and the Llano Estacado. East Texas has the piney woods and the bayou country. North and south are pretty much just that, but the Hill Country is a whole ‘nother place. Nothing like it in the world.

  2. Well… you asked for it.

    A guy is a guy… as in a dude, afella, a stud (sometimes), etc.

    Guy is masculine. You don’t use the term refering to mixed sex company. A more proper greeting would be “Howdy folks!”

    Now I’ll address a couple of omissions.

    The word “yet” when pronounced “ya-et” is actually a question. Someone is asking if you’ve had dinner. And dinner is the noon meal. You eat supper at night.

    If you answer in the negative they might respond with “younta?” As in “Do you want to?”

    “Right smart” is not some sort of intelegence measure. It is a measure of size or amount. When you have your dinner and Stella takes your order for that chicken fried steak, you tell her to make sure that Charlie piles on “right smart” gravy, and be sure to cover the taters too.

    Another question you might hear is “reckon?” An example might be “Reckon that blond over there knows how to do the Cotton Eye Joe?”

    • I love it! These are great – and important – additions. Thanks MB!

      Had to Google “Cotton Eye Joe”. Well, let’s just say I don’t know how – yet.

      • My administrative assistant (still can’t get used to saying that. She’s a secretary, or as LBJ might say, a sexytary… good looking tall blond… forgive me father for I have sinned.)

        Where was I?

        Oh yeah. She is from “up north” and she’s forever admonishing me for my Texican utterances… but then the next thing you know she says the same thing the same way. I’ll break her in yet. Ain’t that a hoot?

        An old joke relates the story of an old cowboy from Texas trying to order a drink in a London pub. The rather stiff barman was having trouble understanding what the cowboy meant by a “mug ‘o suds” and blurted out, “my gawd man… don’t you speak the queen’s English?”

        To which the old cowboy replied, “well hell no… I speak LBJ slang… now do I have to get my own beer or are you gonna mosey on over there and do it for me?”

  3. It’s me, Becky from NE Texas!!…. from the slabs! You’re ‘lernin’ fast! HA HA! IF you get to the door before the man, just slow down, pause, look back at him, and just ‘wait’ for him to catch up with you. …… ‘specially the real men guys! Once you open the door for yourself, you may never have that person so it again. (personal experience) I never hesitate to just ‘wait’ until HE (IF it’s a ‘date’) opens the door, even if I’m in the way, I’ll step back a little, because I LIKE it when someone opens the door for me!! LOL
    NOW, have you had someone come around and open the car door for you??? I LOVE LOVE that, but if’n you find someone who starts out openin’ your car door, that’s when it’s a big ‘tingle’!!! HA HA HA “Open’n the car door” is a biggie!! I’m glad you’re in my state!! You might not have been born here, but you came as soon as possible, right?? <<GRIN<< (I was born 'n bred here.) …… I just REEK of it. I miss you, and will definitely want to cross your path again along life's highways!! I may steal your straw hat!! You can REALLY wear that here!! Hugzzz, Becky

    • Becky! How the heck are ya?! I sent you a message about sitting you pets and place for you, but never heard back. Still need a sitter?

      Ok, so I’ll have to be more careful about not getting my own door sometimes, and stepping back if I’m in the way. I LOVE it when someone opens my door for me, it feels respectful.

      LOL, yup I got to Texas as soon as I could! I miss you, too! The straw hat’s all mine. Some folks thought I needed a new one, but I think the hole adds character, don’t you? 😉

      Hugs, KtB

  4. I don’t think I got the ‘sitting’ message, but now I know! I found out something interesting you might like. I know someone who has a child who requires subQ injections 2X daily, and to prevent ‘trauma’ they have a simple ‘tiny’ permanent ‘port’ on the child’s back where it can’t be reached, but prevents future sticks. If you come to a point where you needed one for your cat, you could consider the spot at the back of the neck/back of head if necessary. I lost my greyhound buddy yesterday at age 14 due to inflamation of age-related constricted airway. Not a good day.
    I WILL probably be badly needing someone to ‘occupy’ my driveway and pet-sit a little bit later! I had put off ‘planning’ it because of Rio’s breathing condition, and begun some needed upkeep on the house, etc. Now that Rio has passed over the rainbow bridge, I feel better about leaving home for a while! <> I am subscribed to your updates, and with you were here now. (Small town rodeo brings in area cowboys tonight til Saturday night with other fun-related activities! There will be a ‘county fair’ in a couple of months, so I’ll let you know!! I love your blog, but wish you would post more often! LOL I’m glad you are enjoying yourself, and will hope to see you sometime soon!