My Royal Wedding Invitation, Three Generations Too Early — 14 Comments

    • I think I’ve given up on dating. At least for a while. They offered me a free subscription, but I’m just not in the right frame of mind after all the false starts.

  1. girlie, just let the dating happen, organically. you’ll have no problem connecting with your prince.

    i’ll pay for hash brownies. i could use some right about now.

    ps: did you get my text. i love love loved your voicemail. you made me so giddy! love you kernut!xoxoxoxo
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    • No more dating for me for a while. I’ve got a few stragglers left from Match, just going through the weeding out process. One I talked to last night got all nasty once I said I just didn’t feel a connection. The weirdos are enough to turn me off dating for a while.

      I did get your text, and you’re welcome! Love you, too!! xoxoxoxo

    • LMAO! Yes, fuck “thaw before serving”. Ice cream is frozen and we have no problem eating it just like that! I’m telling everyone right now – you must try frozen cookies on a hot day.

  2. Say it isn’t so! You’re too smart and clean to turn tricks! Just start baking cupakes – they’re very “in” right now.

    • I do love a good cupcake – even if it’s still frozen. Unfortunately, they don’t pay as well as turning tricks. 😉 Who am I kidding – I’m too picky about hygiene to start turning tricks.

    • It’s been terribly demotivating for me. Toys are great, but only for so long. Problem is I just can’t do the random hookup. No matter how much I joke about it, I need some mental and emotional connection. *sigh* I’m probably doomed to be single.

  3. Kernut, You are way too pretty to be having that much trouble finding someone to love… I agree with Patty… let it happen…

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    • I may be easy on the eyes, but I’m also a little bonkers. It’s hard to find a match when you’re bonkers 🙂