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The Best Date I’ve Had Since I Joined Match.com — 16 Comments

    • I thought about adding that, just for kicks. I do have in there that I dream of traveling the country in a motorhome.

      I’m so over the dating thing right now. In fact, I’m only looking for a “Mr. Right Now” because of the all the wishy-washy weirdos in the Long Term Category.

    • I know!! Got to love the sliders. Gees, I’m getting all warm and fuzzy in the warm and fuzzy places just thinking about it.

    • LOL Gee, I always get followed around when I go to look at them – no chance to check out the bed. Unless, maybe the salesman wants to join me. Huh. Maybe I’ll try that next time. It’s got to be better than Match.com.

  1. You tease. I started reading this and thought, “Kernut’s going to be here any minute! I need to clear my schedule and line up some of the hot officers I have met.”

    But alas, it was merely a test drive.
    Wicked Shawn’s last post ..Men Are Over-Sharers

    • Sorry Love! You know I will visit you as soon as I get an RV. But the weather will also have to settle down a bit. I hope you’re hanging on out there in KY!

      It was just a test drive, but I’m ready to test drive the hot officers. 😉

    • That’s the type of phrase Robin always says to Batman: “Holy (blank) Batman!”.

      I would like to be Batwoman if it meant I could “do” Batman. But I’ll gladly take “Ranger” of the Janet Evanovich books.

      Gotta go – I think I need a smoke.