The Best Date I’ve Had Since I Joined — 16 Comments

    • I thought about adding that, just for kicks. I do have in there that I dream of traveling the country in a motorhome.

      I’m so over the dating thing right now. In fact, I’m only looking for a “Mr. Right Now” because of the all the wishy-washy weirdos in the Long Term Category.

    • I know!! Got to love the sliders. Gees, I’m getting all warm and fuzzy in the warm and fuzzy places just thinking about it.

    • LOL Gee, I always get followed around when I go to look at them – no chance to check out the bed. Unless, maybe the salesman wants to join me. Huh. Maybe I’ll try that next time. It’s got to be better than

  1. You tease. I started reading this and thought, “Kernut’s going to be here any minute! I need to clear my schedule and line up some of the hot officers I have met.”

    But alas, it was merely a test drive.
    Wicked Shawn’s last post ..Men Are Over-Sharers

    • Sorry Love! You know I will visit you as soon as I get an RV. But the weather will also have to settle down a bit. I hope you’re hanging on out there in KY!

      It was just a test drive, but I’m ready to test drive the hot officers. 😉

    • That’s the type of phrase Robin always says to Batman: “Holy (blank) Batman!”.

      I would like to be Batwoman if it meant I could “do” Batman. But I’ll gladly take “Ranger” of the Janet Evanovich books.

      Gotta go – I think I need a smoke.