Why DID the chicken cross the road? — 10 Comments

  1. Nice post. Chickens are too chicken to cross the road 😉

    Love that stag too, amazing.

    You know that lemmings don’t really jump off cliffs right?
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    • ‘Chickens are too chicken…’ LOL! Good one!

      Ah, I believe lemmings do throw themselves from perfectly good cliffs. In fact, I’ve seen a documentary – complete with video – of just such an event. There is a clip of such a video posted somewhere on this blog. It’s a couple years old (the post), and the included clip shows them running right off a cliff, en masse. Whether or not it’s intentional or just another incident of runaway “group mentality” is open for speculation… and the lemmings aren’t talking.

      • Ah I’m afraid that you have been conned, lemmings don’t jump from cliffs. There are many clips and even an award-winning Disney documentary showing such an apparent event but they all admitted later that they had cheated. The makers of the Canadian documentary White Wilderness even used a turntable to fling the poor creatures from the cliff. It’s a myth and it doesn’t naturally happen.

        Because of the occasional sudden surges in lemming populations people thought once that they were some kind of curse or plaque. In the 1500’s people also believed that lemmings fell from the sky, this is also not true. (Really, I wouldn’t lie to you)
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  2. Not THOSE lemmings, anyway…

    Why did the chicken cross the road?
    To show the armadillo how it’s done!

  3. Since when do chickens think? I never heard of it 😛 They do have instinct. Their instinct says they are not in danger, they own the yard and that is their home. Their instinct says they do not need to make any adventure because they are too scared to get lost.

    • I’m not sure I know what Humpty Dumpty was to begin with. It’s not everyday you see a massive egg wearing pants and spats.