The smell of money is a lot like methane, ammonia, and hydrogen sulfide. — 4 Comments

  1. The smell of those chicken houses is seared into my memory from trips to visit my grandparents traveling in our van without A/C.
    And yes, a hen CAN produce an egg without a rooster. If just could never become a chick. I once had someone refuse to buy my farm eggs because I had a rooster and she considered eating fertile eggs akin to killing a baby. Whatever! A rooster does more than fertilize, he protects his hens from predators.

    • I have to wonder if the rooster is really happy or thinks his life is awful.

      LOL! That “potential” customer must have a lot of trouble navigating the world.

      This rooster got in by accident. He must have looked like a hen when they were sexing them, or someone put him in the wrong bin.

  2. They’re following you like you’re the Queen of the Hens. And the one in front, without a foot, is probably hoping you’ll perform some kind of chicken miracle. Or maybe that’s a pegleg Pirate Chicken, coming to challenge you for dominance.

    Sorry, I’m not well.

    • I can only imagine I looked like a giant white egg to them, a chicken god. They must think the egg came first.

      There’s one without a foot?? I have to go watch the video again.