Tales From the RV Park: Men Overboard — 12 Comments

  1. Short sweet and to the point with all of them, the ones you’d like to have coffee with, just ask them, tell them that you don’t know the area very well (could be truth with everything else you’re doing) and would like someone who knows the area to give you pointers as to what to see. Offer to buy them coffee. As to hatin and his ilk.. don’t be so polite if you don’t have too. Use small words as I am sure they can’t understand any with more than 4 letters in it, so you can give them 7 letters ” F*** Off.” lol..

    • That sound good, Carmen. I just wonder if the men here in conservative cow-chicken-oil town will consider that “forward” and read something more into it.

      I plan to shame Hatin’ in front of the Rangers the next time I see him. He’s got a new nickname at the park… “Booty Call (real name)”. I can’t wait to say it to his face!

  2. Just be yourself. Your quite a girl and if some fool doesn’t want to sit and talk with you, well they aren’t smart enough to be around you anyway. Say you want to get a cup of coffee and get to know them a little better. If it doesn’t work out give your best smile and say….i’m done knowin. Bye.

    I would say yes.But that is because i’m smarter than the rest.

    • Thank you, Mike. 🙂

      I hope they don’t read too much into me asking them out… that has happened before.

      The times I’ve seen these two guys, we weren’t alone: co-workers (theirs or mine) were around. Got to get a quiet moment without prying folks around.

  3. That’s a tough one to answer. Perhaps another woman maybe better equipped to address this issue. I do, however, have some experience living in a small town. My work requires much travel and rarely am I home. Recently some town gossip got back to me. It seems that some of the local Beasley’s are speculating that I’m either gay (I’m single with no woman at home) or I’m a drug runner because I have some nice toys. So anyway the other day I hopped on my Harley rode around town and blew kisses to to all the men folk. F@%& em! What I’m trying to say is this. When you live in a small community with small minded people its best not to let to many of them in to your inner circle and unfortunately it applies to other local singles as well. Mark my word most all of know each other and they do talk. Now should there be someone that catches your eye and you his, well, I think you’ll know what to do. Good luck and be careful.

    • Oh no! LOL Didn’t they see your recent long-tern GF around? She lived in the same house, right?

      I would like to move to a bigger town, one with some single people who have a better touch on reality and know that just because a gal talks to you doesn’t mean she’s interested in anything else. Heck, I stopped chatting with Hatin’ loooong before he moved away. He’s not at all pleasant to be around, even for five minutes.

  4. I can’t believe your boss had the nerve to be surprised you quit, after a couple of bouncers.

    Also, be mindful of how you shut these “suitors” down. Do it too forcefully, they won’t acknowledge that they’re not up to snuff, they’ll assume you are a lesbian.

    • Eh, I’m not too worried about them assuming I bat for the other team – at least the creeps would leave me alone! Besides, Hatin’ probably still thinks Ranger Roscoe and I fooled around.

      However, if the creeps said that to the potentially decent male prospects, well, that would be a problem. I’d never get a date with the good guys.

  5. Long term girlfriend? That was in town that had a population well over eighty thousand. Now I live in Mayberry with approximately two thousand. I agree larger towns or cities will have much more to offer including like minded singles. Then again look where you get to live now. Can’t put a price on peace and serenity. After all there is always weekend travel to different places. Never know where you’ll meet a special someone.

    • True, you never know. And yes, the view here is spectacular. But, I know there are other lovely places I have yet to see.
      I saw one of the cute guys yesterday (Father’s Day), but wasn’t prepared with my “line”. I just happened to go to the shed for ant bait when he pulled up to the office. He looked happy to see me (big smile), said “hi”. I managed the wherewithal to ask how fishing with his kids had gone the weekend before. He seemed surprised, like he had to think about it, then said what they’d caught. I walked inside the (crowded) office with him. He’d come for more bait fish, but we were out. Then he left the office rather suddenly, it seemed. Maybe he was nervous, but with two other folks working behind the counter, it would’ve been hard to chat anyway.

  6. Love these posts. It’s hard to be young and beautiful. So many men with wishful thinking and over-inflated egos (to match their big truck tires, I suppose.) I know you and you don’t flirt. Of course, in my opinion, there may not be a man on earth good enough for you anyway.
    Can’t believe the boss got upset that you didn’t care to work for free. Hopefully, we’ll be in the new house soon so you can come visit us for a bit of a rest.

    • Thanks, Jo! Glad you’re enjoying them!

      I’m not sure these guys are even that picky (that a gal has to be young and beautiful, and I’m not so much of either) – they even think the other married park host (Chatty Cathy) “wants them” because she’ll talk their ear off. She is neither young nor hot, she’s just chatty – far more so than I.

      I had a hard time trying to convince one of these married guys that she does that with ALL of us – and has never indicated any interest in any of us who work here (unlike Trailer Park Tush, her friend, who regularly makes advances toward Ranger Roscoe). And I know Chatty Cathy was hit on by someone who lived at the park and she told her big husband (Butt Crack). He wanted to beat the shit out of the guy, but she calmed him down.