Brain-eating Amoeba – I Think I Have This — 23 Comments

  1. I also had to look this shit up the very SECOND I heard about it… now I’m convinced I’m the first case who got it WITHOUT contact with well or lake water. I’m special, ya know!

    • How have we not heard of this before? According to the article it’s been around for almost ten years. WHAT ELSE DON’T WE KNOW ABOUT?!

      *sigh* It’s just not safe to go outside anymore.

    • Welcome Paula! Yeah, this amoeba thing has to be the beginning of the zombie apocalypse. But really? I thought it would go a little faster. I’m not good with delayed gratification when it comes to chocolate or zombies.

  2. Chalk up one more method of exercise to avoid. This just adds to my list of reasons for staying on the couch and watching ESPN.

    • Exercise? There was no exercise involved. Perhaps I should have said “splashing” instead of swimming.

      The Blond Lemming does not swim. That’s just an accident waiting to happen.

    • That is so true. Or maaaybeee it’s that ALL symptoms are the same. It seems every possible illness starts with “Flu-like symptoms”. And the ‘headache, confusion, and hallucinations’ thing? Hah, that’s just my daily life.

  3. Oh, man. Keep the bottled water on hand. Anything that has “six” in it, I run. LOL

    • Have you heard what they’re saying about bottled water now?? I used to drink Crystal Geyser. Guess waht? It got one of the WORST ratings. Best rating? WALMART water. Walmart is so my new favorite store.

  4. I am thinking I built up an immunity to this swimming in freshwater all of my life. I am so ready for the zombie apocalypse. Apparently I have been training for it my entire life. My parents must be like the Sarah Conners of the Zombie Apocalypse. I’m so proud right now.

    • I swam a lot in the ocean as a kid, but apparently that doesn’t count.

      I kinda thought the zombie apocalypse would come on a little faster. Is that really too much to ask?

  5. Well, with the earthquakes and hurricanes and blizzards, I’m sure that brain eating amoeba is next. It really is the Apocalypse!! I need to update my Zombie Apocalist right away!! Thanks for the heads up. Not that you are paying attention right now anyway . . .

    • The zombie apocalypse is upon us! Albeit rather slowly. We had an earthquake or two here last night. It was around a 3.8 or something. Didn’t even feel it and my usually sensitive cat seemed completely unmoved.

  6. Akkkkk, take that picture of me down immediately, I look pregnant. I only stopped by to say I’d given you a shout out on my latest post. Take down that picture, now, now, now or I will say mad and slanderous things about you!

    • Darling, you look fabulous! What do you mean ‘pregnant’?? You do not look preggers! (You said it was ok to post it… are you serious about me taking it down? Ok, well you may have been a bit tipsy at the time. If you want I will take it down, or just edit it so you’re not visible or something. Call or email me and let me know, ok? No texts, though! LOL)

      You may say mad and slanderous things about me if you must, but just know my blog has probably covered them already. 😉

    • A bubble? I think I need that. Where does one get this bubble? Will it keep zombies out?

      Thanks for visiting my little spot on the web!

  7. Water has always been a myth that is meant to be good for you but I have always been suspicious and today you have proven my suspicions to be right. Stupid water, doesn’t hold a candle to vodka or wine. Those definitely can’t kill you.

    • I’m beginning to suspect we’ve been lied to by the government and the Bottled Water Board (I’m sure there is one) for many years. It’s all been a great ploy to assist the health insurance in getting even more money from us. I’m willing to bet they are, at this very moment, working on a zombie virus.

      Not that I’m in to conspiracy theories or anything. Much.

    • Come to think of it, I feel less alone knowing it’s there. Now if I can just teach it to answer email and take phone messages I’ll be quite happy.