I’m Not a Normal Person, But I Play One on TV — 16 Comments

  1. Wow, congrats!! Now I can say I “knew” you when. And don’t think I won’t flaunt the fact that I “know” a celebrity. Just like I “know” Ed Norton because we are from the same state. It does SO count!! Don’t you burst my bubble. Damn, fame has really gone to your head. I don’t think I even know you any more . . .
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    • LMAO! Feel free to say “you knew me when”, but keep in mind that may put you in an undesirable category. Perhaps I should have said ‘Holy *Infamosity* Batman!”

    • Did you know Brad Pitt is filming “World War Z”?! I should play Queen of the Zombies in the movie! Do you think these commercials are enough to get me in?? Just in case they aren’t I’ll offer some money. Or sex.

  2. That is soooo cool! I hope you have links to the show and the spots… I can’t wait to see!

    And you can still feel good about the photog recognizing you… Just think of how many shoots he must do. You must have made an impression.

    Lastly, the thought of getting something out of your planned Roll-About? Icing on the cake… Butter cream icing, at that.
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    • Thanks Bluz! I can’t wait to see them, too. I hope they don’t cut out my footage! LOL Unless I look fat. Then they can cut it. I go back to the dealership next week to shoot the infomercials. Maybe then I can find out when the 60-second spot airs because I haven’t heard a thing from the guy who shot it.

      It would be so cool to have my videos used on a TV show! I’ve been pitching it a few places, but nothing definite yet. I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

    • (Thanks for saying that – I’ll pay ya later.) I think the only folks interested in my autograph are my creditors, preferably on a check.

    • Thank you! I’m still not over the shock myself.

      (PS – I’ve been trying to comment on your blog, but it won’t accept it. It just freezes each time. )

    • Thanks! and LOL! In my life I’ve recognized three people by their voice, but only two I could identify by name at the time. The two I could identify were Ben Stein, and Sam Elliott. Of course, both of them have very distinctive voices, and I melt for Sam’s!

    • Yeah, I can’t wait to see them, too. But it’s kind of like getting on the scale to weigh yourself – sometimes you just don’t want to know. I hope I look good in the commercials. Ya can’t photoshop the camera like you can pictures. The same camera that adds 15 pounds.

      Crap, now I’m worried.

    • I finally saw the commercial and I think I need a facelift! Stardom? Probably not, but that could be cool – especially if it came with money! 🙂