Duct Tape = Cheap Babysitter, and Other Parenting Tips — 10 Comments

  1. Nice… I picked up a friend at the airport one time and her shirt said, oh I can’t say it here.


    • Oh nooo, you’re grandmother sounds like an interesting woman! She seems to really like the hardware store items. Maybe you should reciprocate with some twine and Maglite flash lights next holiday?

  2. Love the first one. Great ads for Duct Tapes! LOL. As for the kids in a dog cage… we have taken several pictures like that when we visited our friends who have a big dog. 😉

    • My little sister thinks the dog cage picture was not the result of bad parenting, but more likely the antics of a rascally older sibling.

      I have NO idea why she would think something like that.