Online Dating: Two little girls wrote a better profile than mine — 10 Comments

    • Yeah, pretty much. At least not when I’m around to see it.

      I once walked in on a BF picking his nose, sitting in his living room with his kid, front door wide open.

      I still remember it all too vividly.

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  2. Sunday…the day of Most sites have instructional vids for the guys that tell them to make contact Sunday and cement the date no more than wed. This is because almost all women on the sites do their careful searching from Sunday morning to they early eve on Sunday. This is because they didn’t get a weekend date, or their weekend date was pathetic so women unlike men get right back to the search. Most unsuccessful men start looking around Thursday and ask with one or less days warning.What a girl has to understand is Sunday is slack day for guys. If they are online chatting its because they watched the tutorial or they are just plain hustlers looking to tie up the pretty girls early in the cycle. Do yourself a favor And set up a dummy acct as a guy. see what they see. next to every woman’s pic I see an ad with a super hot chick that says dont waste your time, our site has sugar mamas that are ready to meet right now. Unfortunately no real woman can compare to the airbrushed nonsense right next to them and the tendency is to click to the next profile, because now you have unreal standards to match. Sad but true commentary. Guys have to pay to get rid of the ads or they are always there conflicting common sense.

  3. I guess so many ladies are doing the work that men use to do in dating some men are not use to working for a quality woman

  4. If a guy is so stupid not to ask a woman out several days or a week in advance he is a looser