Online Dating: Emails for Your Amusement — 11 Comments

  1. Ms. Kernut,

    It pains me to think this is the sludge you dredge through in your quest to meet someone worthy of dating and spending time with.

    My brain is still hurting trying to read through the grammar and spelling mistakes from the first email.

    It is definitley a jungle out there – be careful!

    Thank you for the entertainment


  2. When I’ve used OkCupid in the past, I would get likes and comments from time to time from really cute girls with headshots that looked like a model.
    I’d research them, and find they were just fake profiles.
    So many of those sites these days are just outlets for data brokers (people who collect data and resell it.).
    I guess that’s the reason for these fake profiles, but I’m not sure on that front.
    It seems to be a great waste of time unless you are actually looking for someone on the thing.
    I kinda identify with some of these fellas on your list here :).
    Heck, certainly with “I don’t know where I live guy”. I change my zip code from time to time, especially when RVing. I’m sure I’d be guilty of other faux pas as well like using a fake name or some close to the truth but still fake info (like the wrong birthday) (I’m sort of a privacy advocate on some fronts).
    Thanks for keeping us updated. Even though I’ve given up on the online approach, I still find this a fun topic that makes me think about perspectives from the other side of the online dating front.
    I use to have a saying/theory back in the early Internet.
    My idea was that “every user name” on the net was “just some fat-guy from Detroit”, that is until you looked at them in the face in real life.
    I think this is the way I see online dating still.
    SweetNSassy23 (fat guy)
    hotRussiangal (fat guy)
    sexyblonde33 (fat guy)

    I have Open Simulator, World of Warcraft, or Second Life , If I need online fantasy and fake.
    If I need real. I don’t think I’ll find it at an online dating site.
    I’ll go out dancing or to a music festival.
    I did read something in a farm news magazine, about weed dating. Farmers host a weed dating event, and get singles to weed their gardens. It sounded like a hoot to me. Something like that might work better for this fella.
    Thanks again for the fun updates.

    • I heard OKCupid was pretty scary. I’m not even trying that one!
      My mother thinks I Don’t Know Where I Live Guy is incarcerate. I think he’s in China or Russia.
      I also change my profile location regularly – so far no one has commented. But I do state that I travel often.
      You’re most welcome! And thank you for the comments πŸ™‚

      • Yes, as a former user, I couldn’t recommend OkCupid (stay far away), and I’m even one who likes free stuff.
        And Yes, there are scams a plenty.
        From this guy’s perspective, its often some cam girl wanting to get you to her pay site, or some other spammie rubbish.
        I’m to the point on that stuff where I think “its a scam” first,
        then have to be convinced that it is not.
        I do hear of people making the online dating thing work though, that’s why this topic is intriguing. I have NO idea how they get past the bull.

  3. Kernut,
    I’d be willing to bet the first one, with the unusual syntax, is from some country in West Africa. My daughter got involved online with one from there and his emails read very much like that. She found a website dedicated to exposing online dating frauds and boy, had he been busy! When I can get in touch with her, I will see if she remembers the website.
    Don’t give up; she is currently in a very happy and likely permanent relationship with a man she met online.

    • Yikes! How did she know it was him? Do people post the guy’s profile name?
      I hear all of these great stories from friends, and friends of friends, who’ve met their current love/spouse online. *sigh* It seems not to be my fate, not at this rate, anyway.

  4. Hi again Kernut,
    The website is a Yahoo group, Romancescams, you can probably find it by searching Yahoo Groups. Good luck.

  5. The message from I Don’t Know Where I Live Guy screams of a scam. It reads just like the comment spam I constantly get, generated from SE Asia and the Pacific Islands. It’s all cloying praise done with awkward sentence construction, typos and just plain bad grammar. I guarantee that there is no good behind that profile.
    bluzdude’s last post ..The PC Bluz

    • That seems to be the general consensus about him. If I hadn’t actually talked to him on the phone, I’d have thought the same about Intense-Angry Cop Guy. But maybe that’s why he was upset I wouldn’t give out my number – he couldn’t use it to scam me.