“Hello from the other side” — 3 Comments

  1. Dead battery from sitting too long. I have two sets of harbor freight solar panels, hub the 6 plug into and a float charger/regulator. (plus I have the spare regulator) I have one set of the large deep cycles, on the frame, and two spare deep cycles. Pays to have spares always hot.

    But they have a small solar panel that clamp on to you working battery and keep the charge up when your sitting. Just water the batts regular.

    • Actually, Class A’s (like mine) have three batteries: one 12 volt engine battery, and two deep cycle 6 volt “house” batteries.

      The one that starts the engine is the one that died… It died from old age (over 4.5 years old) and not from sitting. (I do run my engine and generator motors regularly when I’m parked to keep them in good condition.)

      As for the two house batteries, they are charged and maintained by my solar panel. They trickle charge the engine battery as well. They are also at least 4.5 years old, but still holding about 13 volts.

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