Bucket List Item: The Cadillac Ranch — 9 Comments

  1. I was ”there” to see the originals. Now you know my age! My dad loved the ‘idea’ of that place, and almost every vacation was taken via “The Cad Ranch”! I love it that you came to Texas!! <>

    • Had my family ever taken road trips OUTSIDE of California, I too might have seen the Cadillac Ranch in her original condition, but I probably wouldn’t have had the strong desire to get the heck out of the Bay Area and see another state. I LOVE Texas and plan to be back every winter. I hope we can meet up again next time I’m in north Texas!

  2. Nice timing. I just read this entry. The back of my shirt has the Washington quote on it. The front says “molon labe”, which translated says “come take them”.

    Btw, glad to see you finally made it to the caddy ranch.

    • You would like Gonzales, Texas (and all of Texas)… The city’s flag is a picture of a cannon, and the words “Come and Take It”. If you Google it, you’ll see pics. T-shirts are also available, with cannon or automatic rifle.

      • My wife and I loved living in Houston back in the late ’70s/early ’80s. We went back and forth to the hill country all the time. My uncle had a ranch just over the hill from Luckenbach. You could hear the music from the house on Saturday nights.

        • I had a vague memory you had previously mentioned living in Texas. I haven’t been to Luckenbach, but it’s on the list.

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  4. I went through Amarillo myself recently…stayed at the park just to the west of the Cadillac Ranch. Have to agree that I was a bit heart broken at all of the paint spray cans, plastic bottles, and bags that littered the area 🙁 Maybe they all got sucked up into the wicked storm that hit that night….wind gusts up to 85mph! Almost had me running for the storm shelters at the park! Now its hail/rain/snow showers in Flagstaff…but still beautiful!

    • Yikes! They do get some serious weather in the Texas panhandle.

      It’s been awhile since I was near Flagstaff… it was late fall, and I believe there was snow then, too.

      Right now it’s just rainy in the easy coast, very rainy.