How To Survive Giving Your Cat a Subcutaneous Injection — 30 Comments

    • I’ve pretty much given up on the pill. The vet suggested I follow her pill with a water chaser. It got to the point where she was gagging and coughing after. (The vet tech said they don’t have a gag reflex… well, if that’s true I’ve got a one-of-a-kind super cat. She has a gag relex.) That’s when I decided to skipthe pill. I’m getting the injectable version for the IV.

    • You’d never know she was to look at her. She sleeps a lot more, but she’s also 16.5 years old.

      Great idea of what to do with the alcohol!! That gave me another idea – my cat didn’t quite drinking so there’s no reason I shouldn’t give her a drink BEFORE the procedure starts. That just might work!

  1. My sister’s old cat was a horrible demon spawn who would, when I entered the house, run from wherever she was to attack me.

    Once, after catsitting her, I had to put her back in a kennel. I wore a football helmet, welder’s gloves, 2 ski jackets, and a gaiter.

    I still got scratched.
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    • Oh no! Sounds horrible! My baby is actually really sweet and even though I’m torturing her, she never tries to scratch me. I’m not saying it doesn’t happen accidentally. Well, at least I think it’s accidental. I’m sure it is. She wouldn’t try to hurt me. I know she wouldn’t. Really.

  2. I had to do the same thing for one of mine — he had terrible nosebleeds, so he had to have half a benadryl and IV fluids… unfortunately not at the same time, since the benadryl might have knocked him out…
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    • Mine might have allergies, too. So you’re saying you can’t give them the Benadryl just before the shot? Hmmm, that would be very helpful if you could. I’m going to ask my vet about that. She never said Checkers had to be awake for the shot. πŸ™‚

    • Got to get kitties! They’re they best companions. Dogs are pretty good, too, but cats don’t smell or need walking. πŸ™‚

  3. Hilarious – this reminds me of when my best friend needed to give her cat a bath after she had an “incident” with bedbugs and well, the cat was never the same. And she still can’t stand my friend’s BF who helped hold her down!

    • I started giving Checkers baths as soon as she was 10 weeks old. She was separated from her mother too young and hadn’t learned to clean herself. Then my older cat started holding her down and cleaning her until she learned to do it herself. Thank goodness she taught her! Now she only gets baths once a year if she’s indoors or every other month if she’s indoor/outdoor.

    • I have to leave the back of her neck showing since that’s the injection site. But usually their little front feet/legs keep the towel away from their neck… they’re so busy trying to stuff them out the opening you’re lucky if you get both in at all.

    • Thank you! She seems better than she was a month ago. She’s not barfing or sneezing all the time (rarely, if at all now), and I think she’s slowly gaining weight. My best wishes for your friend’s cat!

  4. I use a small duffel bag. Once they stick out whichever appendage I need to work on, I seize it and zip up the bag leaving that part out. Kind of like working cattle with a squeeze chute many years ago.

    • Brilliant idea! I never thought of a duffel bag. I’ll have to get a nice heavy-duty one that resists clawing. Thanks for the suggestion! πŸ™‚

  5. Lol, when u were talking bout putting wrapped cat in box, I had an image of those boxes magicians saw in half- head one side legs the other lol!
    Jokes aside: I hope lil C is doin ok!

  6. can i be the friend who helps with the drink? ; )

    so sorry about your baby. i know you find humor which is very healthy, but i’m still sending you hugs.
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    • Of course you can Dear! Thank you for the well-wishes for me and Checkers. πŸ™‚ If I couldn’t find humor in the trials of my life I don’t think I’d have much to write about! LOL