Tales From the RV Park: Zombie Rat 8, Kernut 0 — 5 Comments

  1. Am picturing Kernut’s slow descent into madness, until she ends up like Carl Spackler, forming rodent bombs out of plastique, to blow up the “Varmint Cong.”

    • My descent into madness will certainly be a short trip as my baseline isn’t terribly far above “certifiable”. A friend came over today and removed the massive nest I discovered… But we then determined that I’m plagued by more than one rodent. A squirrel or rat, and a mouse. Possibly all three.

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    • You gave me an idea…. I decided I need cat balls!
      Turns out I have a litter box with a regular supply: balls of clumped cat pee and poo. These have been strategically (and inconspicuously) placed around the RV site. I hope that deters all rodents…and doesn’t attract anything larger, like the nearby coyotes.