Tales From the RV Park: The Pig Got Poked — 2 Comments

  1. I certainly think the park owners need to put the sow on birth control! She deserves to get a poke now and again but no piglets for awhile. This has really affected my life. I may never get over it. The farrowing, bottle feeding and all that has come with taking care of the piglets. We wont even talk about my life flashing before my eyes when the sow escaped her crate while I was in the pen. A 400lb sow with serious postpartum, “Yes, not only will I bite you, I want to bite you” syndrome stares you in the face it is not pleasant. Having just taken the manhood away from half her litter probably didn’t help her mood! I can still eat bacon and all. That part does not bother me. The part that is the most disturbing is Redneck Jeffrey. I cannot get any sleep! Jeffrey keeps squealing and making suckling noises in his sleep. I am drawing the line though if he starts rooting around in the dirt outside. Seriously what would the neighbors think!
    Redneck Ann

    • ‘A 400lb sow with serious postpartum’ Hahahaha!
      But I’d be kind worried about Redneck Jeffrey… that don’t sound good. How much does he weigh? What’s the going rate for bacon? You might want to keep him indoors until it passes or the neighbors might consider taking him to market…