UPDATED: Surgery Update: She Lived To Tell About It — 17 Comments

  1. Have been eagerly awaiting this news! So trlieved you still clutch that sense of humor!

    When you feel better, drop me a line with definitive gory details, because you were never heavy enough to have had any size tumor! LOL Impossible.
    Anyway, I need to tell you of my days spent living in a trailer park, and how interesting it has become!! I’m NOT staying here, but it happened to be available wile I as on the road, ………and I’ve learned a lot.
    Keep improving, …………..and contact me when you have a better sense of humor!

    • Hi TXBX! I hope my renewed sense of humor isn’t drug-induced (pain meds), but it’s too soon to tell.

      I really considered posting the gory details and the awesome pictures of my innards before and after surgery! I want to post the pics because I find them fascinating, but I understand that’s not the norm. Heh.

      Can’t wait to hear your RV park adventures!! I’ll be in touch when I’m feeling better.

  2. KtB,
    So glad you are able to get around and take care of yourself, more or less.
    Hope the pain diminishes quickly.
    Take care of yourself.

    • Thanks, Magee! I’d feel pretty darn good if it wasn’t for the lingering cough. Well, that and the side effects from the meds.

  3. aw, man! I wish I got pictures of my insides when I got heart surgery! Of course they went in through a vein, so the view would have been limited.

    Glad you came through it OK. And I hope Pye is there to cuddle with you during your recuperation.
    Bluz’s last post ..Living in Concert, Part 4

    • I gotta say the pics are cool! It’s a view you never get to see. I think I will post my surgery pics here as soon as I scan them in. I’ll put it as as update to the bottom of this post so folks can view them if they want to come back and read to the end.

      Well, Pye is Pye. She was (surprisingly) a bit cuddley all day yesterday. She seems to look a tad concerned/confused when I go through my coughing fits, staring at me with wide, inquisitive eyes, and sticking close by. (She’s probably thinking, “Oh crap. If this one keels over, I’m gonna have to figure out how to get to the kibbles.”) Then she goes back to wrecking stuff around the house. She is definitely bored. Checkers, however, was very intuitive whenever I was sick and would cuddle by my side the whole time.

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  5. I feel terrible that I couldn’t be there for you Not something a woman should go through alone. But I am so grateful you’re OK. It did make a great article tho.

    • Hi Jo! No worries. I’m really not upset about the surgery, and am quite glad to have had it. I’d feel great if it wasn’t for this lingering cough… it only hurts when I cough. LOL

  6. Hi, Sweetie,

    Glad you are doing well. Take it easy during your recovery, it often takes
    longer than we want it to get back on our feet and in good shape again. I remember trying to get past my cancer surgery. I kept thinking I was a 20 year old again and getting very frustrated because it took so long. It happens in God’s time not ours.


    • (I replied once before, but the internet ate it! ??)

      Thank you, Dennis!
      I’m feeling better, except for the lingering cough. I don’t care for not being able to get up and go wherever I want, when I want. If it wasn’t for the cough, and the resulting lack of oxygen, I’d be farther along.

  7. Pics of the socks or it didn’t happen. Just kidding. Glad to hear you came through it ok. Feel better soon.

    • Thanks, Andy! The socks are the grey and white ones in the first picture. They wouldn’t let me wear my blue, fuzzy Dr. Seuss-looking socks.

  8. Hey there,

    We blinked and now your ordeal is history. Very glad to hear that you’re talking about it in such good spirits, that you appreciate your advocate so much, and that you’re feeling better. It takes time. I had gall bladder surgery several years ago and have the triangle of little scars as souveniers. Wish we in town could have been closer to help in person. Take care, dear one. Keeping you in my prayers.

    • Thanks, Holly!
      Yes, it’s done! WOohoo! Can’t wait for this lingering cough to go away (it tires me out quickly), but otherwise I feel pretty good.
      Hope to see you and the gang soon! I’m not able to drive yet, but hope to get a ride your direction this week!