I Got Roses Last Night — 8 Comments

  1. On the eating in public thing…
    – There’s a reason shovels are kept in the garage and not the kitchen. A fork is not a shovel. Breathe between bites. You’ll live longer.
    – Feeding me a bite of dessert — and then trying to kiss it out of my mouth — definitely a different approach to a first kiss on a first date.

    Don’t get me going…

    • KA – Eeew! Did someone really feed you a bite of dessert and then try to, um, retrieve it?? OMG That’s just disgusting.
      M – If they ogle other women when they’re with a woman, I don’t think they’re serious about the one they’re with. I think they’ll always be looking for that something better. And of course, there is never an end to trying to find that something better. As for cell phones, that’s just plain rude. I dated a guy who constantly took calls (they often came every 15-20 minutes from his teenager). A serious mood-killer. We’re just friends now.

  2. Don’t stop now! Tell us more! More about manners — more about etiquette, please!
    1) What about guys who ogle other women when they’re with you?
    2) What about guys who feel compelled to answer every cell phone call when they’re with you? Or start texting during dinner?


  3. I believe there is a child that comes out of every man and a role of a woman who brings up a boy to become a gentleman. And a more better upbringing, as for all men are raised by at least one woman to teach right from wrong. My thoughts are every man should know or take a manners course. Good article.

    • Thank you Janice. From your lips to God’s ears. Gentlemen do seem to be in short supply. Alas, that is also on what I like to blame my perpetual state of “single”. Were there a sudden change in the male population towards chivalry, I don’t know what I would do. 🙂