Fact or Fiction? UPDATED — 20 Comments

  1. I’m thinking that you were born in NJ, as all good bloggers are.
    So naturally you grew up in lovely Trenton.
    I’m thinking Peanut, the opposite of tall blond Kernut
    Hairball, self explanation
    Didn’t think Nuclear facility, after all how many of us have?
    Since you used a/an I’m thinking you haven’t worked at a job that starts with a vowel.
    Your first job…….food service worker
    Favorite Movie, Drama, lets face it we all like a little drama.
    You have not dined with Princess of Syria, she would have been too jealous and scratched your eyes out.
    You have no desire to go skydiving, I mean who in their right mind would.

    • Yes, all good bloggers were born in NJ. 🙂 You also guessed my first job correctly. But the other answers, not so much. The answers are above. 🙂

  2. Ok I will play along.

    1. Cali
    2. Santa Barbara
    3. Peanut
    4. Hairball
    5. Nuclear training facility
    6. Pi
    7. Weekly
    8. Scifi
    9. the Mercedes
    10. Sky diving

    • Ok, #2, and #8 are correct. The others, well not so much, but thanks for thinking I could have been a hot stipper. 😉

  3. 1. i hope it’s Texas, all the cool people are born there.
    2. San Antonio
    3. Bunny
    5. pool hall
    6. clerk at radio shack (omg i can’t wait to hear the answer to this)
    7. um. daily?
    8. romance
    9. dined with princess of syria
    10. vegas wedding

    • LOL, Ms Tuna said the cool bloggers are born in NJ, which I was. So, yaaay, I’m cool! 🙂
      Sorry Love, you only got one right… #3. The answers are above.

    • While most of the answers are somewhere on this site, there are several which aren’t… #3, and the Bonus question. #5, #6, and #7 are not on this site, but a good guess is possible from the info here. (On the other hand, if you’ve taken the FB quiz, you do have the answers now 🙂 .

  4. This IS Jeopardy!! Sweet!
    1. Cali
    2. SB
    3. Peanut
    4. Checkers
    5. Pool Hall
    6. Clerk @ RS 
    But a ED @ the KK? Dam Girl
    6Bonus. Food Service (and NOT ED @ KK, right?… Bites nails)
    7. Nevaaah!
    8. Horror… I mean Zombie Nation right?
    9. Dined w/ P of S
    10. Vegas Wedding + Annulment… But u could have a ton of fun pretending!!!

    This waz a blast!!! 

    • “Alex, the answer is: …” You got the most right!! Way to go, Jeff! 🙂
      They are right: #2, 4, Bonus, 7, and I’ll give you 8 because I do love the Zombie, but the answer is actually Sci-fi. The other answers are above.
      Not that I don’t have an exhibitionist side to me, I’ve never been an Exotic Dancer at the Kit Kat. I’ve done all but that. When I was young and hot enough to be one, I was too chicken. Now that I’m not chicken, I’m not hot enough.

  5. i didn’t know you were from nj which is totally awesome!!! roller coasters are one of my favorite things. i need a little less adventure in my life though.

    • As you and Ms. Tuna know, NJ is where all good bloggers come from. 🙂 Oddly, being a Lady of Leisure has moments lacking excitement and adventure. I wasn’t expecting this. It was not in my master plan. Although, my master plan includes huge piles of cash so I could travel. I think this would fill up my free time and sudden lack of motivation/enthusiasm.

  6. Woo hoo, feel’n lucky!!! Super fun quiz Kernut!
    Actually I took #10 to be that u don’t want a Vegas wedding AND annulment… But DO want the Vegas wedding.

    In Britney’s best singing voice: “With a taste of your lips
    I’m on a ride
    You’re toxic, I’m slipping under
    With a taste of poison paradise
    I’m addicted to you
    Don’t you know that you’re toxic?” – Toxic – Britney Spears

    • For #10 I want ALL of those things except to go sky-diving. I haven’t done any of those, yet. (The question was which would do I have “no” desire to do. Not a big fan of heights, especially when they include going downhill at fast speeds.)

    • I think it would be totally fun. Now I just need to find a guy who looks good in a Chippendale outfit. 😉 Oh, and wants to marry me. That’s important. 🙂