Not At BlogHer – Live Blogging From LA — 6 Comments

    • It looked like you guys had a great time together! Next year, I’m going! As it turned out, I was rewarded with a bit of sunshine… it wasn’t as chilly as I expected.

    • The pics looked great! And you met The Bloggess! You rock. Hey, are there such things as blogging cruises??? If not, we should all start one!

      BTW – Thank you so much for the help! Sad to say, I’m still to lame too figure it out (that’s the same plugin I tried using. What is wrong with me?? Maybe it’s my not smart phone?) I will email you back later.

  1. I do not want to talk about Blogher… Im still bitter I wasnt there….lol.
    Could you please send some cool my way? Today it was 100 degress at 11am… and it only got worse from there.

    • I’m bummed I missed it, too. Vapid says it’s in San Diego next year… I will be there! You can have our cool weather in trade for the heat. We Californians have seriously missed our warm summer. We’re all very pale now.