Blond Lemming Becomes Homicidal Without Carbs — 20 Comments

    • LOL! Love the Batman reference! I’d been trying to think of one to use in the post, but my brain was still recovering from the lack of sugar. Yea, that’s my excuse.

  1. When you’re on your date, just be sure not to slip up and refer to them as “Hiker Guy” or which ever blog name applies.

    Unless you don’t like them, in which case it might be fun.
    bluzdude’s last post ..Amateur Day

    • You don’t know how true that is… I remember their blog names more than I remember their actual names. It takes me a minute to recall the picture of their email signature in my mind before I can call them by name.

  2. Sup K,
    You were sooo close! Did Atkins and failed the first time… (don’t try to start a no-carb diet with only egg protien in the house lol). Scrambled eggs, egg salad, hard boiled eggs… Gag! Anyways, I planned the 2nd time and that hazy WTF cloud u were hovering in goes away in 2 weeks! Then the weight melts off! But boy do I feel ur pain!!!

    Enjoy ur matches and I hope a spark lights ur flame!!! 😉

    • So I only had to not stab anyone for another week and I would have made it to Skinny Bitch Land? Crap. I think I’d need a straight-jacket by day 10.

  3. GAAAAK! I keep telling all you bitches, we are beautiful just the way we are and anyway, we need to conserve our fat to live off of when the end times come! Now fill your purse with lasagna and follow me to freedom!
    hoodyhoo’s last post ..Some of You Need Help

    • When the apocalypse comes, I’m going to be a pudgy Queen of the Zombies. I will eat brains and chocolate. Better yet – chocolate covered brains!

  4. I don’t know about that diet – doesn’t sound healthy to me. Well, no sugar does, but who wants a life without sugar?

    I remember having to block a bunch of guys on match, too.
    secret agent woman’s last post ..Getaway

    • Have I told you lately that I love you?? It’s really a shame you’re married. 😉 Speaking of hot goddesses – I saw those pics of you in a bikini! Va va vavoom!!

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  6. it’s only been 4 days for me going from a 85% carb intake to trying to cut carbs..whew! it ain’t easy. I was wondering why i was so damned edgy. i enjoyed your rant 🙂 didn’t help me find the alternative to carbs, but it made me laugh.

    • I’m trying to invent a patch, like the nicotine patch, but for sugar addicts. I’m thinking a touch of Glutamine and something else that curbs or satisfies sugar cravings. I know there’s an insanely lucrative market for such a thing – I’d probably buy most of the damn things myself.