Ten Things Tuesday: Ways Texas Made Me A Better Person — 8 Comments

  1. I loved my time in Texas, back in the late ’70s. I lived in Houston for about five years. It felt like a really big Small Town. I thought nothing about going all the way across Houston to go to a favorite mall to shop. Now we live in Williamsburg VA. Wonderful town! But I ain’t going all the way to Newport News to shop. It’s too far! Funny how perceptions change.

    • One thing I miss is the convenience of the suburbs of city – everything you can think of is usually within 15 minutes drive. After living in the country, I’m used to driving 30 minutes certain stores. But, there’s no traffic. I don’t do traffic now.

    • Yes, sir! I didn’t know you lived here! You’re in a pretty nice place, too – one of the best coastlines!

  2. Dear Kernut
    After reading your fun stuff and the Bloggess dark stuff Ey decided that Ey am not half as crazy as Ey thought Ey was.
    75 years old and still going strong–well sorta strong and having a gr8 time.
    Thank you for your fun travel ideas.
    The Loneoutdoorsman. Just completed one year on the road and 30,000 miles
    F350 Diesel 4X Duelly and Arctic Fox

    • Welcome to my corner of the web, Jrome! You’re right, you’re not crazy. The Bloggess and I have both ends of the bonkers spectrum covered. Most everyone else lands somewhere in the middle.

      Congratulations on 30K miles in one year! You know you don’t have to keep driving quite so much, you can slow down a bit, maybe see some stuff?! I’ve been full timing 4 1/2 years and have added less than 10K miles. If you pass through Texas, stop and smell the roses, especially in Hill Country and the Texas coast. Safe travels!

  3. Hi…your post is just in time for my arrival in Texas today and its perfect. I’ve been full time in my RV for almost a year now and I’m finally getting a chance to spend some time in this awesome state. I’m starting out in Austin for a bit…after I fight my way through all of the rain but I’m really looking forward to my stay in the hill country!

    • I love Austin! Great food and music! Nice laid back atmosphere for such a large city. Check out other smaller towns in Hill Country too, and the Texas coast. Port Aransas is a must see/do! (Just not during any spring or summer holiday.)