The Earl of Argyll Socks, and Other Relatives — 6 Comments

  1. OMG… I totally called that. I knew you were of royal decent. I think my first clue was the cupped hand wave that you do. hehe j/k

    The only reason you don’t get cards from those people is because they obviously don’t know who you are!!! lol

  2. i’m a member of the royal bitches society. does that count? that crown is awesome. that with some pink argyle socks would be totally rad.

  3. I should do this too. That way I could figure out how I became the only person in my family to play music and write, among other things that NO ONE in my family does. I must have some distant relative who played the Sitar, or the Bagpipes, while writing his memoirs about his or her time living in a tree house.

    Love this!!

  4. Patty – LOL I’m a member of that society, too. Also the Royal Pain in The Ass society. Love the idea of pink Argyle socks! I saw a nice pair of pink knee-high Argyle socks in the pics when I was researching this.

    Wicked – Just think… if you had the Royal Crown you could have all the Crown Royal you wanted!

    OOTG – I’m a bit of a black sheep in my family, with this blog and my crazy childhood and all. Heh. I also do a lot of things no one in my family does. When I started this research I thought out family was a blend of 6 or 7 nationalities. We’re learning there are quite a few others! I’m pure mutt.