World’s Largest Gingerbread Cartman in Smithville — 4 Comments

  1. I’ve been watching South Park since its first season, and I had no idea they put Kenny’s dialogue in closed captioning. Great. Now I’m going to have to go back through all 19 seasons to re-watch.

    • It’s been a few years since I saw the closed captioned version on someone’s TV – and I have never forgotten it. He has the best, and dirtiest lines!

  2. So is he still there and what did they do to preserve him? (Inquiring minds want to know. Ha!) Now I want gingerbread. (That dog don’t hunt either). Love you

    • Yes, he is right in the downtown area. From what I read, they used the same huge cookie sheet to make the statue out of some other substance. I think the original cookie was auctioned off for charity. If it hadn’t been, I’d be eating it.