The Florida Panhandle — 4 Comments

  1. Hi bonkers baby !

    Looks serene out there in Fla!
    I have only been to very humid Jacksonville …..
    For a Jaguar game. Whew.

    Sacto is between April Showers…..


    • Hi Greg! It’s great to hear from you!!

      It is LOVELY here! I have not been to Jacksonville, but I understand it gets pretty humid around here in the summer. They also get some hellacious storms around that time, the likes of which might just chase me inland for a bit!

      My mom just moved to your general area of Nor Cal. After several years in relatively dry Utah, she’s not very happy about all the recent rain!

      Stay dry and don’t grow webbed feet! 😉


      By the way, nice website you got there! Looks good my friend, looks good! I wish you much success in your business ventures!

  2. Do you think maybe someday your ‘Chassis’ will tour Alaska? An RV Alaska book would be interesting.

    • Hi DB,
      I might, someday. It’s a long way from Florida, and not quite as sunny. 😉 But, I would like to see it, I just may fly there instead.