Like a duck on a June bug — 5 Comments

  1. Sheldon just moved from Maryland to Seattle. I literally flew in and she picked me up at baggage claim and we bolted. I only saw it in darkness so I’ll take your word it was nice.

    • Mrs. Tuna,
      I haven’t seen much more of it myself, but what I did see was pretty.
      Seattle is a nice little city, too. A bit rainy for my taste, but lots of cultural activities.

  2. Good shooting, Girlfriend. Nice slide show and the stills of Chesapeake are beautiful. My,you are certainly doing some travelling these days. Miss you,but keep up the good work.

    • Thank you, Jo! Yes, the new sales job keeps me traveling quite a bit. A little less frequent travel, but with more money is my goal!
      I miss you both, too! I hope you’re having lovely weather!

  3. Auto correct does not like my name but You know it’s me. Love your slide show and especially the stills of Chesapeake. Beautiful . You are literally all over the map these days. Miss you, but keep up the good work. Love, jo.