Itty Bitty Religious Committee — 8 Comments

  1. You’re ranging a bit from your nest in South Texas. There is (or was) a little bar/hamburger joint in Warrenton called something baseball but reminiscent of other activities. First base… home run… something like that. Last time I was there (long time ago) some dude was also building an old car museum.

    Just down the road in Round Top they have a twice annual antique show that has spread to Warrenton and several other surrounding towns. Kinda like the world’s largest garage sale.

    • I’m trying to see as much of Texas as I can while I’m here. I take little side trips whenever possible.

      I didn’t know about the antique show when I went to see the church or I would’ve planned for it. It looked like one heckuva party! I was limited for time on my first pass through, but by the time I could make it back there a couple weeks later, the show had just ended.

      I’m going to try to see the antique show when it next comes around… and I’ll look for that hamburger joint, and the car museum! Thanks for the tips!

  2. Been enjoying your blog here. Lots of wit and funness! And geez! cute single RVer- “tilt!!!”.
    I saw your profile today on the NuRVers page, so thought I’d stop in and say greetings, after reading here and being all nosy N stuff.
    Anyway, happy adventures,


    • Welcome to my humble spot on the web, Dale! Thank you for the compliments! 🙂 I’m glad you’re enjoying my blog – that’s half the reason I write it.

      I just checked out yours, too. great photos!! You’ve been to some beautiful locations.

      Happy Trails!

  3. Thanks for stopping by my silly photo site. I don’t really update that thing. Most of those photos are just ones I put up on whim. I use to do a travel blog- ages ago, Now if I find a cool place I’m more apt to keep it secret than share news about it on a blog.
    I do still enjoy reading other blogger’s adventures, especially fellow single RVers.