Tales From the RV Park: A Pod of Pelicans — 10 Comments

    • I know a few Texans who feel like you do, but the lightning and strong winds scare the begeezus out of me. Maybe I spent too many years sleeping through earthquakes.

  1. Have been in a couple of storms, while not in TX it was scary enough, thought a couple of times that it was going to blow the RV over. That’s cool how the Pelican’s ball up like that, have you ever seen the Hitchcock movie called the Birds? Those Pelican’s might have sent you running for cover.

    • We’ve got another little one blowing through right now, in the middle of the night. The days are usually nice, but storms suddenly roll in and out during the night.
      Oh yes, I’ve seen The Birds many times! James Stewart and Tippy Hedren. Great movie!

    • Normal is such a broad term, perhaps we should go with ‘healthy’. I’ve been working out every day, eating healthy, getting a tan. Someone who’s been a fellow park resident for months didn’t recognize me. Heck, if I wasn’t standing in my own house (RV), looking in my own mirror, I might not recognize me either! πŸ™‚