Where is Kernut? Flying high over Gulf Shores, Alabama — 6 Comments

    • Thanks, Karen! It feels good to post again!
      The ride was awesome! Even though the weather was a bit overcast, the view of the shore was amazing!

  1. Hi, Dear, I haven’t gotten anything from you in quite a while and have missed you. And now you are talking about a helicopter flight. I have had an opportunity to take two such flights and they were awesome. On one I flew from end to end of the Panama Canal. On the other I flew up to and past the caldera of Mount St. Helens. I had seen that before from the observation point, which is five miles away, but this time we were only about a mile away. The size of it is mind boggling. I wish I could fly across the country in a helicopter. The views are incredible. Be good to yourself.

    Incidentally, there is a real smokey overcast here in south San Jose. The smoke from the wine country fires is being pushed south across the bay and you can smell it and see it here.

    • Hi Dennis! It’s good to hear from you! I’ve missed you, too! This was my second ever helicopter flight. The first was over Half Moon Bay during a car show. It was really short, really scary, and really beautiful. This one over Gulf Shores and Orange Beach was so much fun, about 25 minutes long, and beautiful!

      I heard about the smoke from family in the area. I saw on the news that the Santa Cruz mountains and Boulder Creek are also burning. I’m shocked by the size and devastation of the numerous fires. The devastation is incomprehensible.

      Stay safe and out of the smoke! Give my love to everyone!