Why is it called Tourist Season if we can’t shoot at them? — 5 Comments

  1. If you can’t shoot’em, you should at least be able to wing’em a little. That can’t be illegal in Texas… “Some people just need wingin’.”
    bluzdude’s last post ..Jurassic World

    • As usual, Bluz, you make an excellent point: it can’t be illegal in Texas. Not much is.

      Heck, in Oregon they’re fining bakeries for not making a cake for a gay couple’s wedding. In Texas? The state has given COUNTY CLERKS the OPTION to refuse to do the paperwork based on their own personal religious beliefs.

      Texas is another country. They suceded from the Union years ago – except no one else realizes it.

  2. In Williamsburg we call ’em “tour-ons”. Tourist-morons. Come on down! Spend your money! GO HOME!!!

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