Giant Armadillo Invades Flea Market in Texas; Fleas Terrified. — 8 Comments

  1. When fixing chili one must use whatever carne one finds available. Dillo that has been asphalt tenderized is as fine as possum and a durn sight easier to harvest.

    • You, Sir, are a brave man. 😉 A friend just asked me what is the strangest thing I’ve eaten. I came up with three things: escargot, octopus, and alligator. The last was the best.

  2. Snake meat takes too much work for too little pleasure. Only time I’ll do snake is when nothing else is handy. The only thing I avoid is skunk, although knowing my grandma like I do I won’t swear that I’ve never had it.

    “Tastes just like chicken!”

    • Yeah, we cut open that little rattler that scared me. Even though he was over two feet long, he had no meat on him. I just have to try it one of these days.